Prizegiving 2020

Normally we have a prizegiving at the AGM.
However due to the Covid Lockdown in place during the scheduled AGM date in August the AGM was adjourned to 15 September and was held without the prizegiving.

The prizegiving will now be held at 2pm on 8 November 2020 at the Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club Inc at 39 Fairfax Avenue, Penrose, Auckland 1061.

Peugeot Sport Pike’s Peak Video #210YearsWithPeugeot

A short summary video of the stunning Peugeot successes on the Pike’s Peak course over the years, celebrating 210 years with Peugeot.

For Sale

Xt 306 for sale

Hi was suggested I provide details via this in case members on look out for little pug.
123k on clock and cam belt changed at 99k. Auto in good condition for age. $2000 ono though unsure of value!
Year: 1997
Model: 306
Colour: SILVER
Plate: WK2922
CC rating: 1,761cc
Fuel Type: Petrol

Thank you!

Beth Farrell

Phone Number:

President’s Ramble – June 2020

It is election year so I am going to put in my disclaimer right now; this is not intended as electioneering for any particular party or parties, but it does contain some political thoughts and views. Those views are mine and they are that as a whole, we New Zealanders can be pretty proud with the way that our politicians handled, or at least so far have handled, the Corona Virus – Covid 19 issue.  I think that the Labour led government got it more or less correct, using a current catch phrase they ‘chose a route where all lives mattered’. Now that he is gone it has only an element of relevancy, but the opposition led by Simon Bridges did the right thing and supported the government and during what were the critical days at the beginning of the pandemic “sung from the same hymn book.”  At the same time Bridges and National set up a committee that was more or less a watchdog on what the government was doing, giving their advice and criticising and offering appropriate ideas on how to improve conditions for some things.

As the Lockdown progressed I saw sensible decisions made and businesses and occupations given more leeway. I am not a golfer or a bowler but I thought the ability to allow green keepers back to work in isolation to maintain the condition of those sporting clubs was a particularly good one, the costs to bring some of those facilities back to normal would have sent some clubs into oblivion had it not been allowed. Read More…

President’s Ramble – May 2020

Lockdown has resulted in me being fitter than I have been in a long time, I partook in daily exercise and have done a fair bit of walking and cycling, sometimes twice daily.  However I also reinjured my back during lockdown so am currently a fit wreck! Capable of walking and cycling but can’t sit at a desk for long before it is too painful.

During one of my walks I spied the 1007 photographed here. They were not sold new in New Zealand so it is a rare Peugeot model to see. This one was parked on the side of the road with for sale notices on it – contact me if you want the details.  Of note is the unusual door design. They have rails so slide back rather than open wide in the conventional fashion. Read More…