President’s Ramble – May 2020

Lockdown has resulted in me being fitter than I have been in a long time, I partook in daily exercise and have done a fair bit of walking and cycling, sometimes twice daily.  However I also reinjured my back during lockdown so am currently a fit wreck! Capable of walking and cycling but can’t sit at a desk for long before it is too painful.

During one of my walks I spied the 1007 photographed here. They were not sold new in New Zealand so it is a rare Peugeot model to see. This one was parked on the side of the road with for sale notices on it – contact me if you want the details.  Of note is the unusual door design. They have rails so slide back rather than open wide in the conventional fashion. Read More…

President’s Ramble – April 2020

Welcome to the first ever electronic only version of the magazine – at least at this stage – the committee looks eagerly for your feedback and we will consider whether we should retrospectively publish this when we can get out!

We are all in unchartered ground and it is difficult to know what to write. As I write this on the 30th of March it seems to be in the distant past that a number of us attended the Brit and Euro show.  It was a wonderful day with many many vehicles on display. Our club, thanks to the organisation of Don Howarth, managed to display a 404, a 306, a 405 & 406, 2 505s, 3 205s, a 308 and a 504, you can see them on our Facebook page.  Club member Donald Webster was displaying his Renault Alpine next to us with a few other delectable Renaults. Citroen were on the other side of them again.  How many weeks if not months will it be before we can meet and greet like that again. Read More…

President’s Ramble – March 2020

I am a little unsure what to say. The turn-out at the gymkhana was poor for Citroen and I would say mediocre for us. (The Hardie family an exception to that – many many of them competing and attending as well as providing a couple of guests. I hope Marissa enjoyed her birthday outing). However those that competed had a fun time on the dry paddocks in the haze of a dust cloud.

For me it was an eye opener. Joshua competed for the first time, driving my car for the first time, driving an automatic for the first time and had the cheek to beat my time in what can only be explained as the speed event. He was only let down by the distance judging event – one that I suspect will become easier as he becomes more experienced, I think both he and Jayden Hardie will need to be watched in the future by us more experienced campaigners. Read More…

President’s Ramble – February 2020

Welcome back to a new year members.

I have ventured into Northland (just) and also used what I believe is the northern-most Regional Park of Auckland – Te Arai – some 102km drive from the CBD according to Google Maps. When you are there it feels somewhat more distant again and it is not hard to imagine that other than through their rates bills, the local farmers do not feel that they are Aucklanders.

Northland involved beaches, estuaries, cliff top walks and rock pools as well as a little chocolate.  The rock pools were quite something; loaded with starfish, shrimp, crabs and small fish, more so than I have seen around Auckland in many a year – the lack of population is clearly a bonus for the sea life. Read More…

President’s Ramble – December 2019

Citroen set us an enjoyable and challenging trial in the hills and valleys in and around Hunua. A few of our members attended and the results tell us we did well.  For the first time I competed with my son Joshua. We managed to get the most answers right. However the Navigator misread the instructions and got us time penalties.  The worst bit was that the navigator was me!

Those of you who know me, which I suspect is most if not all of you, will know that I love Ice Cream, so Joshua and I stopped at one of the strawberry farms and had an Ice Cream afterwards, no surprise really. Read More…