President’s Ramble – July 2019

Hello all,

Last month I didn’t ramble, and this month I intend to ramble even less. The fact is the club is in danger of folding – or at least that is the way I read the situation. It is not through lack of attendance or numbers, but due to the fact the committee needs a refurbishment.

This coming AGM – on the 28th of July will be the last appearance of Wynne as secretary, and unless the grapevine hasn’t talked to me properly and whispered elsewhere, nobody has made the slightest enquiry or indication that they may replace her. To add to this both she and Don have long ago given notice that they will not be returning to the committee. This month Greg Winkley has also informed the committee that he is resigning and won’t be restanding. All of these people have put in well over a decade of service to the club and we cannot thank them enough.

Add to this Jeanette has indicated she isn’t getting any younger and is willing to pass on the mantle of being magazine editor. At least she hasn’t indicated that she is ready to step down from the committee.

Therefore I ask that not only do you turn up to the upcoming AGM, but please nominate yourself for the committee and more importantly as secretary. In my opinion neither secretary or plain committee member involves anything too onerous. The Club and I personally need you to keep things going.

That’s it, give it some thought.


President’s Ramble – June 2019

This time the title just maybe a misnomer, I will not be rambling but will be focused. The point being that I believe that we as a club need to focus on the following!

28 July – AGM – Southern Autos Manukau 2pm (time confirmed)

 Southern Autos have offered their showroom for the AGM, as they did 2 years ago. Please show up to support them as they have supported us.

  • Wynne is retiring we will need a new secretary, volunteers called for! Even if you can’t make the AGM this year we are quite happy to nominate you and vote you in.
  • Wynne and Don are both retiring from the committee, again even if you can’t make the AGM please volunteer, you can be voted in by proxy
  • Jeanette hasn’t said she will retire, but she has indicated she is ready for someone to take over the magazine – I don’t believe this is an AGM voted position, but again it is a good place to put your hand up and volunteer – or else approach her directly

23 June – 40th Anniversary Lunch – Waipuna Lodge 12pm

  • Come celebrate our longevity, not every club makes 40, well done all! The booking has been made, but I am sure room for more can be made, give Wynne a call, you know you want to!

21 July – Bastille Day (well almost) lunch – La Fourchette, St Heliers 12pm

  • Come join Citroen for our annual get together lunch. A nice way to spend a winters afternoon.
  • Note this is a week late, we couldn’t get a booking on the actual date, adjust your calendar if applicable.

20 August – Dinner (optional) and Quiz night- Horse and Trap, Mt Eden

  • Come and join us for what is strongly rumoured to be the best Quiz night in Auckland. This is one I am really looking forward too.

Brent J

President’s Ramble – May 2019

Once again I have been busy, too busy running around after work and family. Over the ANZAC weekend most of the family had a few nights in Hamilton, enjoyed it very much, particularly the walk we took along the western banks of the mighty Waikato Awa (river) on Saturday morning near Franklin Bridge. Very beautiful and peaceful in the early morning complete with waka ama and skiffs on the water, other strollers, dog walkers, runners and an occasional mountain biker on the banks.

We also went to a highly rated Italian Restaurant – Adriana’s Restaurant. I would not recommend it other than their phone manner when we made the booking which was excellent, it seemed overpriced, underportioned, a bit bland in the flavours and we had a waitress who could not tell us much about the menu and wine list despite the fact she had been working there since sometime last year. However they must be doing something right as the place was buzzing, with an interesting mix of dress code amongst the customers. Some were in their “Sunday Best”, the chap on the table next to us had a nice shirt on mismatched with tight short shorts and jandals for footware! Plus there was everything in between.

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President’s Ramble – April 2019

Hello all,

This month the need to write has leapt upon me like a tiger, claws out onto the prey. I just wasn’t ready for it, so this has been written rather hurriedly, with me taking the part of the prey running desperately in whatever direction – just trying to escape.

Last month I again ended up working in the Bay of Plenty, and unfortunately I must write to tell you that between my last visit and you reading this, that “The Trading Post” in Paengaroa will have shut, Paul the owner/chef retiring into being more of a house husband while his wife goes out and does more work. No more crispy duck salads and the best cream brulees for me. Apparently a new restaurant will take its place. I do not know if it will be of the same quality or not, or even trade under the same name. What I do know is that Paul was a remarkable chef and will be missed by locals and travellers such as myself alike. Read More…

President’s Ramble – March 2019

The word has come out – limited space. I have sat on this for a couple of days as I most likely had a rambling ramble up my sleeves and have thought what do I cull? The answer is almost all of it. Hopefully the editor will throw in a picture or two instead as that is what I would like.

In the meantime hopefully you got my emails about the interclub with Wellington, unfortunately I know of at least two members with other functions on that weekend who won’t be able to make it – I am one of them. Please support the club and try and win the Auckland vs Wellington Trophy back off them.

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