President’s Ramble – June 2021

Going to make it short again.

A select few of us have attended recent events – The Caffeine and Classics which Andrew has written about elsewhere in this magazine and the Pub Quiz night at the Horse and Trap in Eden Terrace (Little Joe – the club team was a prizewinner – you will have to read elsewhere to find out how – I have no idea if the report will make this magazine or the next – we will all have to wait and find out!).  John Cooney and I were the only ones to make it to both.  We (that’s a Royal we – in reality John) have also been busy organising Bastille Day luncheon (and I don’t mean the cheap sausage) with Citroen, this time to be held at the Vintage Car Club rooms in Fairfax Avenue in Penrose.  I hope to see a few of you there in that I hope a number of you make it and I hope I make it. I have a job I may or may not have to do that day.

On that subject of the Vintage Car Club rooms we will again be holding our AGM there and again I would like you to consider the following;

  • Please if you have a trophy please give it back to a committee member, it is time to collect them for the next name to be engraved.
  • Please consider the committee – to state the obvious a couple (or so) of members are no spring chickens, our Vice-president is doing a lot at the moment on the clubs’ behalf and of the other three members two of us have had a terribly busy time with work recently – I personally have never been under so much pressure as I am now and then a third does shift work and can’t make every meeting we have. Please show your smiling faces – there usually isn’t a lot of work to be done but having a little more spread of the load off John (at the moment), the President and Secretary would be appreciated, not to mention maybe some new ideas.
  • I do not want to look but if you revote me in I will be heading into the 12th year of being President, something I never aspired to, something I possibly never wanted but I will admit to enjoying the creative writing with my Ramble that it has given me. I am equally however more than happy to be voted out and just contribute articles and reports from time to time as I tend to do anyway.

Will leave it at that, see you all soon.


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