February 2019

President’s Report – February 2019

2019 has arrived and I am still not ready for it. I can’t remember the last day that I took off, such is the life of the self employed, sometimes (like now) the self over employed and unfortunately at times the self unemployed! No complaints though, I have finished early this afternoon, opened a Stella […]

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Interclub Gymkhana – Sunday February 17th This year Citroen is organising the annual gymkana which will be held at Papakura Start time; 1pm; you are welcome to have a picnic lunch from 11am Place; Peter & Judy Coleman’s place, 117 Gatland Street, Papakura Continue through  the gate at the very end of the street and […]

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A brief history of Peugeot; part 1

A BRIEF HISTORY OF PEUGEOT; part 1 BACKGROUND The history of Peugeot is indistinguishable from a history of the Peugeot family, for this remarkable concern is still very much a family affair. Records show the Peugeot name in the village of Vandoncourt near the Swiss border in the 15th century. the family later became involved […]

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