President’s Report – February 2019

2019 has arrived and I am still not ready for it. I can’t remember the last day that I took off, such is the life of the self employed, sometimes (like now) the self over employed and unfortunately at times the self unemployed! No complaints though, I have finished early this afternoon, opened a Stella Artois and am writing this instead of working. I will however start work after dinner again, after it has cooled down a bit.

Things that have happened in my life include – most of January I have been working in Auckland for a change, but have been travelling back and forth in all sorts of directions and for the first time had to pay the regional fuel tax on my Ute. Since July I had been working so much out of Auckland I had avoided it by filling up elsewhere including Morrinsville, Whakatane, Pongakawa, Hamilton, Rotorua and Ngaruawahia. Of these places the cheapest I have found being Whakatane. I have however managed to work in Rotorua once this month, yesterday in fact, a very long day, 14 hours chargeable, then 1.75 hrs breaks almost making it a 16 hour working day.

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Interclub Gymkhana – Sunday February 17th

This year Citroen is organising the annual gymkana which will be held at Papakura

Start time; 1pm; you are welcome to have a picnic lunch from 11am

Place; Peter & Judy Coleman’s place,

117 Gatland Street, Papakura

Continue through  the gate at the very end of the street and follow the drive through the trees, then turn left into the paddock rather than straight ahead up to the house.

See you there.

You do not NEED to compete. Spectators also earn points for their club to go to the Tricolore Trophy.

A brief history of Peugeot; part 1



The history of Peugeot is indistinguishable from a history of the Peugeot family, for this remarkable concern is still very much a family affair.

Records show the Peugeot name in the village of Vandoncourt near the Swiss border in the 15th century. the family later became involved in weaving, linen dyeing and running mills. In 1810, Jean-Pierre Peugeot (1734-18140 Mayor of Herimoncourt, and his two eldest sons, Jean-Frederic (1770-1822) and Jean-Pierre 11 (1768-1852) converted one of their mills at Sous-cratet into a steelworks. they coon became renowned for the quality of their mass produced saws and other ironmongery.

Peugeot adopted a Lion Rampant as their badge. This is often erroneously called the Lion of Belfort after a statue erected there in 1872, but in fact they chose the lion to symbolise the three qualities of their saws

  • speed
  • suppleness
  • strong teeth.

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President’s Ramble – December

I unfortunately at the moment seem to be spending more time away from home than at home – or at least that is how it seems – I haven’t checked my diary to see what the truth is.  Either way what it did mean is that I missed the last club night of the year as I believe most of you lot did too. Those that went had an enjoyable time – but could have done with some reinforcements – or so a little birdie has told me.

One of the reasons for my being away was the recent trip to Taranaki for the 202, 203 and 504 Anniversary weekend.  Sven had us travel the road less travelled a number of times. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t in one of the aforementioned models but my 505 V6, which I think sits lower than the other 505s I have owned. This meant I acted as a grader on one of the roads, most likely for the benefit of Greg in his 405, the only car newer than mine.

 On behalf of the committee, my family and myself I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.  I hope to see many of you at upcoming events, especially the Gymkhana and the interclub with Wellington.


40th anniversary in 2019

2019 will be the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Auckland club.  We hope to contact some of our former members and have a lunch together later in the year.

Please remember that I am collecting your “My 1st encounter with Peugeot” stories and would like to publish a collection of them as an anniversary memento.  You can email them to me or post them to the club at PO Box 29002, Epsom, Auckland 1023.

Thanking you in anticipation (as my mother used to say)