President’s Ramble – November 2019

Upcoming, assuming that NZ Post gets this to you in time, we have the annual Navigation Trial with Citroen; details are in this magazine. Compete for yourself, compete for the club, compete to enjoy the experience!  I hope to see you all there on November 17 – though I guess the roads would be very congested if we all turned up!

Meanwhile some of us have just returned from Taumarunui where we managed to meet up with a few of our Peugeot comrades from Wellington Club. Results are still to be distributed in written form so I won’t attempt to recollect them, but – we won back the Interclub Cup with both an advantage in numbers and skill on the Navigation Trials/Treasure Hunts set by Nick and Shona.  A good weekend was had by all, and might I add, a very nice dinner at the Thai restaurant. Read More…

President’s Ramble – October 2019

Right-e-o, I had intended to probably write too much, however I am told that this issue is full.  I know that some of you don’t have email or we don’t have your email, therefore it is important that you know this, confirmation has occurred for our weekend away in Taumarunui.  What you need to know is;

Friday November 1 – assemble at Taumarunui and meet that night for Dinner

Saturday November 2 – Navigation Trail – it will involve gravel roads – to compete for your club be prepared to drive on these or be a spectator only.

Sunday November 3 – There will be an organised event – yet to be confirmed what. Dismissed and homeward bound. Read More…

Wanted – 504

Does anyone know where David Handyside can find a 504 in good condition? He lives near Kaikoura and you can contact him on 03 3192 715 or

Pride Of Ownership 2019 – Results


A lovely sunny day with little wind – just what we had been waiting for. Jeanette & Julian spread out chairs & the Peugeot sign to claim a length of parking space for us. As the results show, we had a good variety of models present and everyone was involved in sharing the judging and exchanging advice and anecdotes. The allowances were for mileage (from 55,848km to 431,741km) and age (1955-2007). the results were very close.


1 Dennis Lowe 607 277.5 94 92 88.5 2 + 1
2 Jordan Hart 306 276.5 91 94.5 88 1 + 2
3 John Grant 203C 275.5 94 88.5 79 8 + 6
4 Don Howarth 306cc 269.5 91 85.5 88 3 + 2
5 Philip Hurring 404 261.5 79 90 84.5 6 + 4
6 Dave Duirs 404 258 83 92 76 2 + 5
7 Brent Druskovich 505V6 240.5 74 80 79.5 4 + 3
8 Peter Hagglund 206 233.5 69 79 80.5 4 + 1
9 Jeanette Grant 306xrdt 231.5 71 80.5 74 4 + 2


306C For Sale

1998 Peugeot 306 Convertible

I have had this for 2 years and loved every moment with it. The summers were great. It has a 2L engine so is great on mileage.. The previous owners were collectors so hardly drove the car. I drove only 6-7 km every day and today it has only done 89,000 km. I have its vehicle service history from the 1st day of its registration from 2005. It comes with New Tyres, New Spark plugs, New Gasket, & New Wipers. The Wheel alignment was done recently, and it was recently serviced with a new oil filter. It has a towbar and the Soft Top works perfectly.

However, the power windows at the driver side have recently jammed.

It can be viewed in the City or in Mt Eden. I am selling ‘as is where is’ and asking $3000.00

You can message me for more information at or call on 022-640-1096

Kushal Patel