President’s Ramble – August 2021

This one is coming at you in a rush, so will say very little. At short notice I lost use of my house to an insurance repair, kicked out, no computer etc, Part of the repairs haven’t gone well, but I am home for 3 hours before I lose the house and computer again, so this is a real cram it in job.

What can I say? We just had the AGM. I am writing the Presidents Ramble, so there’s the result, you still have me!  Jeanette Grant, against her late mother’s advice is now the Secretary. Since Wynne resigned we haven’t had one and between me and Jeanette we have taken on the duties, such as the committee meeting minutes, but it has been mostly Jeanette.

It’s official. Not enough takers for the Labour Weekend trip to Northland, so it has been postponed rather than called off.  It was all a bit short notice to say the least. Instead we are putting it back a year, so Start Planning now – try and make it, Dargaville 2022, our own version of the Olympics – putting it back a year!

In the meantime I don’t have a lot to say, not even on pie tips, other than clearly I have influenced the club as pie stops/bakeries became an item of general business during the AGM, much to my amusement, and I didn’t even bring it up!

We had a good AGM, well attended, special thanks to Anne and Ray, Mary and Buster who made an effort to travel a little further than others with the first three travelling from Whangarei together and Buster from Whangaparaoa.  I am going to finish here – except to announce I accept Jayden Hardie’s challenge. We handed him the “Log Of Wood” – not the Ranfurly Shield, but our own Log Of Wood, a piece of swamp kauri that we use for the Gymkhana Shield.  Now that he has his young hands on it, young Jayden reckons he’s going to keep it.  I suspect that both me and his father Kevin, possibly Greg Winkley and a few others are more than keen to accept the challenge and try to prevent him.

That’s it; need to fit some work into this small window of opportunity before the house is lost to the kitchen floor guys and their smelly chemicals once again. Sometimes, but not often it would be good not to work from home!


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