President’s Ramble – September 2021

I am finding it difficult to know what to write, which maybe just as well as the Editor has given me a heads up and said she doesn’t have much space for me.  Part of me wants to rebel and present a big ramble which some of mine can be; however not this time. I will comply.

Some of you will be enjoying the various joys of freedom, whilst those of us in Auckland aren’t.  For the sake of us that can’t please get out and enjoy it, have a Mocha or a Café Vienna for me. In the mean time lockdown brings to us our second only non-print version of the magazine, Jeanette has optimistically kept the September Fish and Chip run in the programme of coming events, but I don’t think it is likely happen.

On a personal motoring note, my 505 is often used for work purposes and as such a certain percentage of its cost are tax deductible. For instance if I don’t need most of my equipment I take it instead of the ute for onsite meetings and inspections, use it to go to the printers when I need things printing that are beyond my home printer and definitely use it to go to meetings in the city where the ute and its turning circle are quite frankly a pain in the …….  Every three years I have to do a log book to get my percentages of work versus personal use over a 90 day period. This year it was started on the 1st of June to run till the end of August.  To say the least it is fair to say it had a rather abrupt end of use this time.  Although I have been to the supermarket a number of times the 308 has been the go to vehicle, the others just not getting used. I even walked for one of my trips –

in fact I have been doing a lot of walking, feeling like I might be a bit of a gangster. Never before have I had so many people cross the road as I approach; my reputation of being dangerous obviously preceding me!

I hope this Peugeotex finds you and your families healthy, both mentally and physically and I hope to see you on the other side.  Try and make the Show & Shine in October, it would be good to see you all there.



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