Presidents Ramble

Ramblings and musings from the horses mouth. May contain nuts.

President’s Ramble – July 2022

I think this is version three of this month’s Ramble; versions one and two have been scrapped, though some of the following has been retrieved from them. To say the least my writing to you hasn’t gone that well.  This is the final version no matter what; apologies if it isn’t to my usual standard. […]

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President’s Ramble – June 2022

Elsewhere in this report, in fact the very first article you will see a call for you – the members to attend the AGM which is kindly being hosted by Armstrongs this year at their Greenlane Premises.  I would like you to attend to a) support our sponsor to reciprocate their support and b) we […]

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President’s Ramble – May 2022

Hello all, Again another month is upon me and my need to write.  Frankly I thought I have little to say.  The committee is just getting back into the swing of, well, being a committee again.  And I thought I would write to you all about what we are up to; however it is too […]

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President’s Ramble – April 2022

Hello all, Before you read this and after I write it the committee will be having its first meeting in a long time, I think our biggest gap ever, at least in my time in the club.  We haven’t organised much recently, largely because you can’t, or at least not too ambitious with all of […]

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President’s Ramble – March 2022

We have got through our first “in red” event (the Gymkhana), a report of which is contained within, we now have our second event to compete in, last year’s Pride of Ownership which was due to be held last October, however the then standing government regulations didn’t allow it to happen.  They can now, but […]

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