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If you would like to contact the Peugeot Car Club Auckland Inc., you can do so below. However perhaps we already have an answer for you.

Q: I’d like to join the club. How do I go about this?
A: Great we’d love you to join 🙂 You can find more information about joining the club on the Join page including how to pay. Hey it’s only $50/year! Now that’s a bargain.

Q: Can I pay my membership by internet banking or do I have to send a cheque?
A: Good news! You can pay using either. Just go to the Join page to find out how to pay.

Send us something via snail mail…

Club Postal Address:

Please note our new PO Box number from July 2019
Peugeot Car Club Auckland Incorporated
P O Box 29002
Auckland 1023
New Zealand

Or fill in the following Contact form, click “Send Enquiry” and someone will be in touch…

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