President’s Ramble – October 2021

I think the hardest thing for me with these lockdowns of various levels is writing the Presidents Ramble, because I haven’t been allowed to ramble! Well not much anyway.  I have managed for work to go to Kawakawa Bay and I must admit it almost feels like I have run the blockades and got out of Auckland, but of course I hadn’t.

One advantage of this was I did manage on the way home to visit Calums Bakery in Papakura. The family appreciated the change to our home prepared diet when I bought back fresh mince potato top pies.  Calums has been a favourite bakery of mine for years now, often gets visited when work or car club has me in the area, which isn’t very often. There is something comforting about comforting familiar food and places.  It was unusual though not going into the store but queuing at a social distance (I have had to queue there at a non-social distance to get in the door in the past) and then to be confronted by a table and a large sheet of Perspex at the door.

I am grateful that my work gets me out and about at times. One day recently I went out for two jobs and was called out to two more while out. It felt like freedom; Mt Wellington to Otahuhu, to Three Kings and finally to Mangere Bridge.  I actually cope quite well with Lockdowns and don’t tire of my neighbourhood, but that is not necessarily the case for all members of my family and I imagine not the case for all of you too.  So can I say to those of you that have the freedoms please enjoy them; those of us that don’t so much, get out, explore your neighbourhoods, think about others in your household and whether you have to get out a little bit further or more often, go to a park or street that you don’t usually go to. Just do something to help those who don’t cope as well.


From talking to friends and family I don’t think everyone has got the same message or taken the same message from the government announcements. Just in case some of you want to socialise with family and friends and are stuck in Auckland like me here are the guidelines straight of the Government Website:

You can meet 1 (one) other household at a time, up to a maximum of 10 (ten) people.

 You must meet outside, and maintain physical distancing.

 You can invite friends and whānau to your home, but you can only meet outside. For example, you can meet in the garden or have a barbecue in your backyard. Friends and whānau not in your household are not allowed inside your home.


Mandy and I have had drinks with a couple of our friends on the deck at home and this weekend intend to meet up with another family at a park.  These social interactions are important for most. It keeps most of us sane.

In the meantime, as you can imagine the committee hasn’t met, we can’t plan events, or at least not well and as you probably know by now we have had to postpone the Pride of Ownership with meeting bubbles restricted and members not able to travel through the borders.

I, like you, are probably looking forward to interacting with others again. Let’s hope everything is lifted in time for the Navigation Run. Citroen have planned a good one for us.  See you in November (I hope),


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