President’s Ramble – March 2022

We have got through our first “in red” event (the Gymkhana), a report of which is contained within, we now have our second event to compete in, last year’s Pride of Ownership which was due to be held last October, however the then standing government regulations didn’t allow it to happen.  They can now, but under the red light traffic system, so come along if able and compete in the 2022 Pride of Ownership, in the car park at Smales Farm on the 20th of this month, 1.30pm start.

My Rambles haven’t taken me far out of my usual beat, except I have had work near the Pakuranga Sailing Club in Farm Cove recently and this has led to a new discovery, well maybe two.  The first I will mention is the Farm Cove Bakery, excellent Eccles Cakes, a style of cake that is getting more difficult to find, than say 30 years ago, I think their popularity is well on the wane.  However their coffee is only so so, fortunately in the same block of shops is a small cafe , known as “The Burbs Eatery”.

I have been in a bit of a weight loss and get fit programme since December so I have managed to restrain my urge to try their food (and you wouldn’t believe the amount of pies I haven’t had since December!), but their coffee in my opinion is the best I have ever had, and consistently so.  I highly recommend grabbing one of their coffees and then explore the nearby Rotary Walkway for some Tamaki River views.  A great way to spend your morning.

Anyway that is it for this one, short and sweet, just like a good Eccles Cake.


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