President’s Ramble – November 2021

Procrastination.  It’s a big word isn’t it, 5 syllables and 15 letters and that is exactly what has got me here tonight, 12.15am writing this for you to read. Should have done this hours ago. Only 6 and ¾ hours and my Saturday will start like any other, listening to Country Life on Radio New Zealand National.  A highlight of my week!

The committee hasn’t met for months now, we have communicated little, organised even less and just got on with our lives.  This at least is in print, the last two magazines being email versions.  But life goes on, I have managed, as I do most years to get my Christmas tree up and decorated and my tomato plants in over Labour Weekend.  Though it was a bit of an unusual event. Normally I go to Kings Plant Barn, and take a great deal of delight in selecting my tomatoes and a small assortment of other veges, a few potted colour etc.  This year I got (actually Mandy ordered) a few assorted veges and potted colour on line, picked up from my usual branch at Orakei, but no tomatoes.  Then began the great tomato hunt, all over the interweb, harder to find than rocking horse poo!  Eventually discovered a good stock at Mitre 10, easy to order, good price and when I went to pick them up good sized and condition plants.  Assuming they fruit well I think I might go back next year. The pandemic and no in store shopping might have taught this old dog a new shopping trick and gained Mitre 10 a new customer; just hope I can select them next year.

In the meantime in Peugeot owners’ news, Don Howarth picked up a free 205CTI from Waiheke. Unfortunately it appears it may have been free for a good reason. Also Andrew Corbett has sold his beautiful 504 that graced our cover a few months back, sold to Kaikoura. He has however picked up an RCZ.  He reports that he is underwhelmed by Turners Car Auctions and their ability in car detailing prior to selling.  It would appear making TV adverts is their strong point!

Today – well actually yesterday given it’s after midnight – I returned to a shopping mall for the first time in a long time, purchasing a new pair of shoes from New Balance at Dressmart.  I was very surprised, after all the hype I have heard on the radio, to find the mall poorly patronised, though Puma and Adidas still managed to have people queued outside their stores in an otherwise close to empty mall.

I have even managed to escape Auckland, even if only briefly, and no I wasn’t hiding in the boot of a car with the lingering smell of smuggled KFC.  I made it into the Waikato, to Tuakau, and had morning coffee and biscuit next to the river and bridge.  It was nice to be in the Waikato Region. It really did feel like I had left Auckland. That much is true, Tuakau being in the Waikato District, however still on the Auckland side of the roadblocks, I do wonder about what those people who pay Waikato Rates but are on the Auckland side of border control think!

Anyway, catch you later, hope you enjoy the magazine,


(time now 12.37am, a 22 minute job to have these thoughts and type them down in case you wondered)

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