President’s Ramble – June 2022

Elsewhere in this report, in fact the very first article you will see a call for you – the members to attend the AGM which is kindly being hosted by Armstrongs this year at their Greenlane Premises.  I would like you to attend to

  1. a) support our sponsor to reciprocate their support and
  2. b) we need some new committee members as we have had problems holding quorums recently. We are coping at getting the magazine out, but not much more. So please come volunteer, you won’t necessarily have to do a lot of work in the committee but the ability to commit once a month or even most of once a month eleven times a year would be appreciated. The reality is most on the committee have been there a long time, in particular the Grants and Sooland, they even make my almost 20 years (I think – I don’t actually know when I first joined it!) on the committee seem like nothing.  Even two more people on the committee would make a difference to running it, at the moment between various health issues and work commitments it just isn’t working well every month (some months it does), so please consider if you can afford to give that one night almost monthly each year.

Other things we need for the AGM are returns of the trophies, so if you are holding one please give it back to a committee member; it is time to collect them for the next name to be engraved.

I can’t make it but for those than can, please head off to the Bastille Day event, organised by Citroen this year, it looks like it will be a very nice venue, further details elsewhere in this magazine, and on the subject of I can’t make it, it would appear that I will not be around for the Navigation Trial with Citroen, not confirmed but I am likely to be in Dunedin for a conference.  It is our turn to organise the event, are there any volunteers from our club to do it?  If so please get hold of a committee member and put your name forward.

And then most importantly there is now a date change for the weekend away in Northland, originally planned for the October Long Weekend. The organisers haven’t been able to get everything together for that date so it is now planned from Friday 11 to Monday 14 November & being organised by Peter Vuletich & Dave Duirs. We will meet at the Northern Wairoa Hotel in Dargaville on Friday afternoon. Details will follow next month…

Will leave it at that, see you all soon – at the AGM!


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