President’s Ramble – July 2022

I think this is version three of this month’s Ramble; versions one and two have been scrapped, though some of the following has been retrieved from them. To say the least my writing to you hasn’t gone that well.  This is the final version no matter what; apologies if it isn’t to my usual standard.

 I suspect one of the major reasons for a lack of Ramble inspiration has been a lack of rambling, both physically and mentally.  This month so far my travels have been confined to what is a very small amount of Auckland, let alone out into the wild blue yonder.  I have got no further than the following locations; Pakuranga to the East, Mangere International Airport to the South, Mount Albert to the West and Victoria Park to the North.  Not a lot of variation.  Then there has been work. Currently I am working seven days a week (not necessarily full days, but for at least a few hours minimum) trying to catch up, or maybe it is keeping up with my work.  I have had little time to think of anything else.

What does come to mind is an element of excitement for November.  Details have been released about the upcoming Northland trip away.  I am just about salivating at the corner of my mouth thinking about it.  I hope to see many of you on it – even better if I could see all of you at it.

It will be so nice to have Car Club Weekend away again.  Peter and Dave have put some real effort and thought into this, so let’s support them and each other and come away for the weekend.  It is designed to be a long weekend – but not during one of the government’s long weekends, so please try and get organised with your leave if you need it.

Dates to remember November 11 to 14, contact Peter Vuletich – and get your place booked.  Dave Duirs is even threatening (or is that promising?) another day’s touring after it is over should you want to take it up.  And even if you can’t make the whole weekend, remember you can travel for a portion of it. Comings and goings to the Peugeot Road Train are welcome.  I will see you there – in Dargaville, a place I have long espoused as being the Centre of the Universe – just ask my family – it’s all true, they will just tell you I am mad.

More importantly the AGM. We – the committee – would love a couple of new members, just to help spread the load and ensure we have a quorum.  The AGM is coming up soon. Book yourself to come to Armstrongs Peugeot dealership at 500 Great South Road, Greenlane, for 1pm on Saturday the 20th of August.

Please contact Jeanette or John Cooney if you plan to come as Armstrongs are putting on drinks and nibbles and need an idea of the number to expect.

We have put the trophy winners’ list in this issue to make sure recipients know that they have won.

 Mau tere haumaru (Safe travels), nga mihi nui,


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