September 2023 Ramble

I firstly want to apologise, I think I may have still being having a jet lagged moment or maybe a senior moment as I am aging (but still a little way off my Winston Peters Gold Card qualification), but I mislead both you and the editor with last months magazine cover, I informed Jeanette that the pictured 3008 was in Dubrovnik, it wasn’t, it was in fact in Račišće.

The AGM has now been and gone, we got through a lot, but we didn’t manage to complete reviewing the revised constitution, this will be ongoing work for the committee and our tame lawyer – Donald Webster.  Can I suggest that you show your appreciateion to Donald by coming and viewing his magnificent collection of Peugeots on October 7, 16 The Knoll, Greenhithe at 11am.  We are expecting to see a number of racing  and road 106s, no doubt Don can tell us about all of the modifications they have had to have undertaken, as well as what hasn’t been required.  We will hopefully see his 1925 172R again as well as potentially his 404, 504, perhaps a 406 Coupe, 508 and who knows what else.  If you are there perhaps individually thank him for both the viewing and for the time and expertise he has put into the constitution.

As I write this I suspect our September trivia night is going to be another failure, more than happy to try it again, but maybe someone needs to come up with a date that suits, or is it the location, plenty of Trivia nights around Auckland to try.  Let me know (or Jeanette so she can spread the word) if you have another proposal.

On the subject of alternatives let us know if there is any other events/locations you want us to try and organise.

Coming up we do have the Pride of Ownership, prepare and compete, note I won the “05” trophy last year, you don’t have to have a pristine car to compete.

I will also be the contact and organising our participation at the Ellerslie Concours Show next year, it is to be held on Sunday 11th Feb, if you are interested let me know as soon as possible, I am hoping we can get a few more cars, but the sooner I know who wants to be there the better chance I have of getting a large enough area allocated to us, so just do it, again my car will be there, although it is a “Concours” show your car doesn’t have to be pristine, it just needs to be there.  It is a long but great day for the displayers, let’s have some more next year. Get hold of me before November if you are interested, book the date in your diary.

I hope that is some encouragement for you all, those of you out of town, and there are a number of you, please consider joining us in Greenhithe (and the later aforementioned events too), it would be good to see you. See if you can fit it in!

Finally on a personal opinion, I hear too many of us (New Zealanders in general) complaining about the Government, the opposition, or whoever else in politics.  All I can say is please vote, no matter whether it is retain status quo or to herald in a new government, just have your say with your vote – whatever it may be.



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