AGM 2019


TIME – 2:00pm to 4:15pm on Sunday 28th July

PLACE – Southern Autos.250/1 Bakerfield Pl, Manukau

COMMITTEE – Three of the current committee members have resigned (all after many years/decades of service to the club) and while the remainder of the committee have indicated their willingness to stand again, new committee members are needed!
There need to be enough committee members at each meeting to meet the quorum requirements so that the meeting can be held – no quorum, no meeting, no events, no …
You don’t need to be nominated. You can actually volunteer.
Contact Brent or any other committee member if you would like to help.

After the election of officers, the Treasurer’s Report will be presented and the fees set for the coming year. No increase is anticipated. Contact Wynne if you want any other item/s added to the Agenda.
The trophies will be presented.

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