President’s Ramble – July 2019

Hello all,

Last month I didn’t ramble, and this month I intend to ramble even less. The fact is the club is in danger of folding – or at least that is the way I read the situation. It is not through lack of attendance or numbers, but due to the fact the committee needs a refurbishment.

This coming AGM – on the 28th of July will be the last appearance of Wynne as secretary, and unless the grapevine hasn’t talked to me properly and whispered elsewhere, nobody has made the slightest enquiry or indication that they may replace her. To add to this both she and Don have long ago given notice that they will not be returning to the committee. This month Greg Winkley has also informed the committee that he is resigning and won’t be restanding. All of these people have put in well over a decade of service to the club and we cannot thank them enough.

Add to this Jeanette has indicated she isn’t getting any younger and is willing to pass on the mantle of being magazine editor. At least she hasn’t indicated that she is ready to step down from the committee.

Therefore I ask that not only do you turn up to the upcoming AGM, but please nominate yourself for the committee and more importantly as secretary. In my opinion neither secretary or plain committee member involves anything too onerous. The Club and I personally need you to keep things going.

That’s it, give it some thought.


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