President’s Ramble – May 2019

Once again I have been busy, too busy running around after work and family. Over the ANZAC weekend most of the family had a few nights in Hamilton, enjoyed it very much, particularly the walk we took along the western banks of the mighty Waikato Awa (river) on Saturday morning near Franklin Bridge. Very beautiful and peaceful in the early morning complete with waka ama and skiffs on the water, other strollers, dog walkers, runners and an occasional mountain biker on the banks.

We also went to a highly rated Italian Restaurant – Adriana’s Restaurant. I would not recommend it other than their phone manner when we made the booking which was excellent, it seemed overpriced, underportioned, a bit bland in the flavours and we had a waitress who could not tell us much about the menu and wine list despite the fact she had been working there since sometime last year. However they must be doing something right as the place was buzzing, with an interesting mix of dress code amongst the customers. Some were in their “Sunday Best”, the chap on the table next to us had a nice shirt on mismatched with tight short shorts and jandals for footware! Plus there was everything in between.

On the subject of food, we have a celebration coming up, the club is about to turn 40, please contact Wynne and come join us at the Waipuna Lodge, more details elsewhere in this magazine. We will also have the annual Bastille Day dinner with the other club coming up, I hope to see you there.

Now on a very serious note, the committee needs you, Don and Wynne are both resigning after many years on the job. I am unsure how long I have been on the committee now, but in my time I can only remember Wynne having the role as secretary. We need someone else to step up and join us. Please be prepared to join at the AGM, this year to be held at Southern Autos on the 28th of July. Personally I am of the opinion that it is not appropriate for any of the existing committee members to be the new secretary, either because of what they are currently doing or what they have done for the club in the past.

Other events are planned too, see coming events for more detail.

That’s it from me again, hope to see you all at the upcoming club events,

Brent. 


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