President’s Ramble – April 2019

Hello all,

This month the need to write has leapt upon me like a tiger, claws out onto the prey. I just wasn’t ready for it, so this has been written rather hurriedly, with me taking the part of the prey running desperately in whatever direction – just trying to escape.

Last month I again ended up working in the Bay of Plenty, and unfortunately I must write to tell you that between my last visit and you reading this, that “The Trading Post” in Paengaroa will have shut, Paul the owner/chef retiring into being more of a house husband while his wife goes out and does more work. No more crispy duck salads and the best cream brulees for me. Apparently a new restaurant will take its place. I do not know if it will be of the same quality or not, or even trade under the same name. What I do know is that Paul was a remarkable chef and will be missed by locals and travellers such as myself alike.

However all is not bad on the food front. Recently I have reported about the superb sandwiches at the Ciabatta Bakery in Rotorua, next to the recognised Peugeot Agent for servicing and repairs. Well this time I have gone a little further and tried their Cro-Nuts and all I can say is that they are the best I have ever had by far; beats those at my favourite pie bakery in Kihikihi, as well as my two favourite locations in Auckland. They come in three flavours, though I understand they may change them from time to time. When I visited they could be found as Apple and Cinnamon, Passionfruit Creme and as a Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse flavour. At Ciabatta Bakery they refer to them as Go-Nuts, read about them and how to judge quality here , I can tell you they get them right!

As many if not all of you know, we had to cancel/postpone the interclub with Wellington Peugeot, Nick being the organiser and having very important disaster relief work to do in Australia (well maybe I should say firefighting on this occasion). Hopefully we will have an alternative date for all soon. In the meantime I will just write a strong opinion I have and that is I think it is absolutely fabulous that our civil defence people are regularly going and training around the world as well as outside their regions within our country and that the world at times comes to us too. What a fantastic way for all of the countries involved to keep up the skills and the experience of their staff.

As all of you that have provided emails know, we were invited by Armstrong Motor Group to attend the launch of the new 508. A few of us attended to what can only be described as a truly remarkable modern vehicle. I will not say a lot as hopefully we will have a test drive later this year to publish. But what I can tell you is that this vehicle is value for money with a list of features that are usually found on a vehicle twice if not three times as much to purchase. On behalf of the club I thank Richard Pretious for inviting us to the launch. In both the red and black variants the 508 GTs on display created quite a buzz and I look forward to seeing many more on the road.

Let us hope the public realises just what a fantastic vehicle this is.


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