President’s Ramble – March 2019

The word has come out – limited space. I have sat on this for a couple of days as I most likely had a rambling ramble up my sleeves and have thought what do I cull? The answer is almost all of it. Hopefully the editor will throw in a picture or two instead as that is what I would like.

In the meantime hopefully you got my emails about the interclub with Wellington, unfortunately I know of at least two members with other functions on that weekend who won’t be able to make it – I am one of them. Please support the club and try and win the Auckland vs Wellington Trophy back off them.

We have, it would appear, retained the Tricolour Trophy from Citroen. Lets’ see if we can have both in the Trophy cabinet at the same time.

If you need more information and haven’t received the emails sent out a week or so ago, get hold of Nick Watson who is organising it. In fact, if you are going, get hold of him as I am sure it would help knowing how many he can expect.


Nicks details; or phone 0212477340

PS We have had a limited response to our plan to celebrate the club’s 40th birthday on the 23rd of June. Look out for details…

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