2011 End of year – Christmas Club Night

TUESDAY  22 NOV 6.30pm

PRESENT;    Terry Burgher, John Cooney, Laurie & Dawn Darrington, Kevin & Jenna Hardie and family, John & Jeanette Grant, Don & Wynne Howarth.
     It was good to see Terry again after a lapse of some months. This was a most enjoyable evening; the food was good and the company better. Dawn brought brandysnaps – which proved extremely popular while the children discovered they liked feijoa cake! They also liked the doll’s pushchair, the model cars, the toy garage and the steam engine. In fact the only one who didn’t enjoy the evening was the cat. We didn’t see her until five minutes after the last car left.
     It turned out that it was Wynne’s birthday so a cake was hastily transformed into a birthday cake and we all sang an appropriate song.
   The committee would like to wish everyone who missed this early Xmas celebration, a very happy celebration of their own and we look forward to seeing more of you in the New Year.

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