Gymkhana 2012

The 2012 Interclub Gymkhana is being hosted by the Peugeot Club.

When: Sunday 19th February 2012, 1pm to 4pm (or arrive early at 12.30pm and have a picnic lunch)

Where: Cato Farm, Karaka. (see it on google maps)

Driving Instructions:

  • Take the Papakura exit from the motorway
  • Follow Hingaia Rd which changes its name to Linwood Rd
  • Turn right into Karaka North Rd
  • Proceed down Karaka North Road and turn down the first and only road to the right – Cato-Peart Road
  • Proceed to the end of Cato-Peart Road where you will directed to the appropriate paddock.

The Gymkhana is an annual event involving a number of activities which may be scored by time, accuracy, or what ever the organisers can come up with. As well as points for individual placings, points are tallied for the two clubs and count towards the Tricolore Trophy.

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