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Hi all, I am with Le Club 404 (France) – their Canadian representative – and since the beginning of 2009, we have been drawing up a list of all remaining Peugeot 404s in the world.  We have developed a separate list of Peugeot 404 Coupés and Cabriolets and another for 404 Sedans, Estate and Utes.  Cars are listed by serial/chassis number (VIN).  This avoids duplications, and – given the long time frame over which the Registered cars have been added – this is a risk to be avoided.  We have, for example, some cars in the Register which have changed hands at least 4 times, since the car was first registered!  We are also attempting to get a photograph of every registered car, this will of course be a challenge!

The 404 C list is far better developed.  This is only because the “starter data” came from Le Club 404, which until the late 1990s, was a club exclusively for the Coupé and Cabriolet models.  So they had 25 years of 404 C member information and that in turn led to a very healthy start for the 404 C Register. As of October 17, 2011, there are 1558 404 C cars in the database, and we started off with about 115o cars in January 2009 when I picked up my present role.   Another factor in this is the low production figures for the C model: only 17,223 were built.  So we now have 9.05% of the 404 Cs in our database.

The 404 Sedan, Estate and Ute list is less well developed, both in terms of absolute numbers and of course in terms of the percentage of original production.  There are 1185 cars in this Register on October 17, 2011, which as a percentage of the 2.8 million production is a grain of sand on the beach.  That’s why I am posting here, we need help for these Registers to thrive.

One purpose of the Register is to help Le Club 404 to use the number of remaining 404s as an argument in favour of more manufacturer parts support.  Le Club 404’s President is employed by Peugeot and so there is every chance that there will be some influence there.  Another reason is just to satisfy curiosity – how many are left in the different parts of the world?  This will help us begin to answer that question.

There is a Web address that we have set up to receive new Registrations from 404 owners:

There is a facility now to upload a photograph of the car, and the website names the photo file after the entered serial number, ensuring automatic correlation.

I would encourage any 404 owners to enter their data and a photo there.

Thank you for your help!


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