Peugeot 404 Register

Hi all, I am with Le Club 404 (France) – their Canadian representative – and since the beginning of 2009, we have been drawing up a list of all remaining Peugeot 404s in the world.  We have developed a separate list of Peugeot 404 Coupés and Cabriolets and another for 404 Sedans, Estate and Utes.  Cars are listed by serial/chassis number (VIN).  This avoids duplications, and – given the long time frame over which the Registered cars have been added – this is a risk to be avoided.  We have, for example, some cars in the Register which have changed hands at least 4 times, since the car was first registered!  We are also attempting to get a photograph of every registered car, this will of course be a challenge!

The 404 C list is far better developed.  This is only because the “starter data” came from Le Club 404, which until the late 1990s, was a club exclusively for the Coupé and Cabriolet models.  So they had 25 years of 404 C member information and that in turn led to a very healthy start for the 404 C Register. As of October 17, 2011, there are 1558 404 C cars in the database, and we started off with about 115o cars in January 2009 when I picked up my present role.   Another factor in this is the low production figures for the C model: only 17,223 were built.  So we now have 9.05% of the 404 Cs in our database.

The 404 Sedan, Estate and Ute list is less well developed, both in terms of absolute numbers and of course in terms of the percentage of original production.  There are 1185 cars in this Register on October 17, 2011, which as a percentage of the 2.8 million production is a grain of sand on the beach.  That’s why I am posting here, we need help for these Registers to thrive.

One purpose of the Register is to help Le Club 404 to use the number of remaining 404s as an argument in favour of more manufacturer parts support.  Le Club 404’s President is employed by Peugeot and so there is every chance that there will be some influence there.  Another reason is just to satisfy curiosity – how many are left in the different parts of the world?  This will help us begin to answer that question.

There is a Web address that we have set up to receive new Registrations from 404 owners:

There is a facility now to upload a photograph of the car, and the website names the photo file after the entered serial number, ensuring automatic correlation.

I would encourage any 404 owners to enter their data and a photo there.

Thank you for your help!


Peugeotex Oct 2011 Volume 25 Issue 9

The October issue of Peugeotex has been printed, packed and posted and will arrive in member’s letterboxes in due course.

Peugeotex Cover Oct 2011


  • Coming Events
  • President’s Ramble
  • Peugeot Unveils New 4008
  • US Going Electric?
  • Jeanette’s Jottings
  • Club Night Report
  • 508 & NCAP
  • Peugeot-Citroen Plans More Cost Cuts
  • Peugeot Allies Its Alloys
  • Membership
  • Peugeot Protects
  • Pride of Ownership
  • Why I trust Peugeots
  • A Rat In The Ranks
  • Is The 108 Coming South?
  • HXi Concept Car
  • Health Message
  • Thought For The Month
  • French Market
  • Better Than Batteries
  • Letters To The Editor
  • Longest Bridge Opens

Pride of Ownership 2011 Oct 16

The Pride of Ownership competition is an annual competition to score your Peugeot on how well looked after it is with respect to its use.  So not only is the presentation of your car taken into account, but also its age and mileage! Each age grouping (eg -04, -05, -06 etc) are judged together, so bring along your 309 to gain an unfair advantage!

When: Sunday 16th October 2011, 1pm to 4pm

Where: At the rear of the Three Kings Carpark, accessed from Grahame Breed Drive, off Mt Eden Road. (see it on google maps)

Come along and get involved! Display your car, you can compete with your committee members if your car is immaculate, or if it looks like you have just been paddock bashing in it! And the judging will be done by you (in a team with others). And make sure you vote for the People’s Choice award too!


Visit to Continental Cars – Club Night Nov 2011

The November club night will be held at Continental Cars showroom in Greenlane.

We will have the opportunity to look at their current range of new cars,  try them on for size, grill the sales staff and carry off copious quantities of advertising material (and no doubt they will accept a deposit should anyone be in the mood for purchasing a new car!).

When: Tuesday 22 November 2011, 7:30 pm to 9:30pm or so


Where: Continental Cars Showroom, 227-229 Gt South Rd, Greenlane, Auckland (parking available along Puriri Ave)


Sorry, the Continental Cars visit has been Cancelled!
There will still be an event. details here

Track Day 30 Oct 2011

We are organising another track day at Hampton Downs Race Way for Sunday 30th October 2011 [Update, we are now back to our original date of 30th October after considering a change to a date in September].

This will be our 3rd outing as a group, and have endured both dry and wet conditions over the past two meets and to date no incidents.

We are endeavouring firstly to secure the whole day as a private day through Playday (fully managed by them, Ambo on site as per standard run Playdays, driver briefing etc) . We require at least 40 entries at $200 to cover the cost through Playday, if we don’t get the required numbers then we can secure individual groups (4 groups max)  15 cars max in one group, at a cost of $135 each, or a second group etc.  So for one group you will end up with 6 session spread over the day of around 15min duration, and if it’s a dry day well your car could welcome the rest, and you have time to watch the other 3 groups have their fun.

But ideally we would like to secure the whole day, so we need some commitment to make this happen, We require a deposit of $100 paid up front so we can book the track, and the balance of $100 on the day. The deposit will be sent to Playday to secure the day, if we don’t get at least 35, then we will secure some groups at a balance of $35 on the day.
We will be securing a trackside  apartment on the Saturday night at $ 50 per person so let me know if you require this as well, would encourage you to take  this up, early start on the Sunday morning, better to be fresh!!  For those of who would like to arrive midday Saturday, you can watch the cars competing in the Drift Day in the afternoon or maybe enter this one as well!

You will require clean cotton overalls and racing helmet with closed footwear, you can hire helmets at the track and 98 fuel is also available.
To secure the whole day Sunday 30th October, please reply back by July 15th, acknowledging your deposit, what car you will be using, if you require helmet and if you would like a room.

For those club members and friends who don’t want to enter feel free to come along anyway, and at midday we will try an organise a few laps around track behind track pace car for you, no overtaking, so let me know Cheers Peter