President’s Ramble – November 2019

Upcoming, assuming that NZ Post gets this to you in time, we have the annual Navigation Trial with Citroen; details are in this magazine. Compete for yourself, compete for the club, compete to enjoy the experience!  I hope to see you all there on November 17 – though I guess the roads would be very congested if we all turned up!

Meanwhile some of us have just returned from Taumarunui where we managed to meet up with a few of our Peugeot comrades from Wellington Club. Results are still to be distributed in written form so I won’t attempt to recollect them, but – we won back the Interclub Cup with both an advantage in numbers and skill on the Navigation Trials/Treasure Hunts set by Nick and Shona.  A good weekend was had by all, and might I add, a very nice dinner at the Thai restaurant.

As for me and my ramble down there on Friday (pie day!) the usual stop at Viands Bakery in Kihikihi was had. I have been working my mind and taste buds up for it for at least two months now – firmly fixated on their Oxtail Pie.  However…on the day I had a change of mind and decided to go with the Lamb and Mint instead.  And I must say I was very pleased to have done so; the lamb was succulent, and mint jelly very tasty – yet another to recommend.  Incidentally Tom (my father) and Anne Cotterill also chose the Lamb and Mint and enjoyed it too.

The rest of my Ramble is going to be Peugeot related and reflects some of my rambles through the interweb, it might even be closer to being a Jeanette’s Jottings – but they are mine.  I have no idea how I came across it, I don’t remember searching for it, so I guess it was one of those ‘click one link from one link and another link and you end up there’ experiences.  Anyway it got me there and if you are having a curious Peugeot or any other vehicle moment, I can recommend you give it a go too.

It is the IMCDB Internet Movie Cars Database – you will find it on  From there you can select make and then model. If like me you are 505 obsessed, you will find they list some 601 instances that 505s have appeared in movies or television programmes.  Frankly it is overwhelming, and many are in languages I would have very little chance of understanding, so I will not be getting obsessive and try to watch everyone of them.  404s and 504s both had well over 1000 appearances each.

The other interweb ramble I have taken, ended up with me looking at Hillman Hunters.  What I learnt was that they have a Peugeot connection.  Initially the Hunter and its’ various badge engineered derivatives were assembled in South Africa with the 1600 Peugeot 404 engine, and in 1976 this was replaced with the 504s 1971cc engine, though interestingly they had a home grown pickup version which was labelled the Dodge Husky – unlike the car derivatives it was powered by the 1725cc Hillman engine as was found in the NZ versions of the Hunter.

Another market with a Peugeot connection for the Hunter was Iran.

In Iran it was called the Paykan and was assembled with a few facelifts and updates from 1966 through to 2005 for the Saloon version, their utility version lasted till 2015. Although very much a Hillman product when first assembled, in 1985 after production had long ceased in Britain and Hillman was now owned by Peugeot through the takeover of Chrysler Europe, the Paykan was assembled using 504 engines and suspension!

That’s it from me,


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