President’s Ramble – October 2019

Right-e-o, I had intended to probably write too much, however I am told that this issue is full.  I know that some of you don’t have email or we don’t have your email, therefore it is important that you know this, confirmation has occurred for our weekend away in Taumarunui.  What you need to know is;

Friday November 1 – assemble at Taumarunui and meet that night for Dinner

Saturday November 2 – Navigation Trail – it will involve gravel roads – to compete for your club be prepared to drive on these or be a spectator only.

Sunday November 3 – There will be an organised event – yet to be confirmed what. Dismissed and homeward bound.

It is unlikely that there will be a Gymkhana due to the wet conditions at the moment on most farmers ‘paddocks – this may change between now and then – or not.

Further questions should go to Nick Watson – 021 247 7340 or

Anyone interested in going needs to book at the following;

Ring Alan at the Alexander Spa motel – special rate of $110 per night is being offered for a share twin unit.   Call directly on 07 8958501.


And just in case you were wondering my highlighting things in last month’s Ramble did nothing, Nick did nothing.  Fortunately, Malcolm who organises Wellington got hold of me to see if I had heard from Nick, I hadn’t.  I called, Nick goes “oh yeah it is soon”, everything got arranged in two hours (probably less) including our special rate at the motel – just like that.

Other than that – not sure what else to tell you in the space, other than both events we have had in the last month, the fish and chip run and the show and shine (unless your car is mine – then it’s just a show) were attended by a small but pleasant lot, both events competitive, I’ll let you read the rest of the magazine to see who won.  In the meantime, that’s it and don’t forget next month we are up against Citroen in the Inter-club Navigation Trial.

Hope to see each and every one of you at either or both of the upcoming events; even better get hold of me, leave for Taumarunui in convoy on Friday morning (about 9.30am) to make it to Kihikihi between 11.30 am and 12 and have one of Viands Bakeries delicious pies with me. Perfect way to start a weekend away in the King Country. You know you should!


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