President’s Ramble; October 2018

Often the writing of this is exactly what the title suggests – it is a Ramble – an easy one at that. Imagine something along the lines of a Ramble through your botanical garden on a warm, sunny but not oppressively hot spring day, the flowers are out and the birds are a singing.  This one has not been one of those, I think this is attempt number 4, maybe 5 and will be the last one as the editor has deadlines that in all fairness I probably have already not met.  Previous attempts have been a slog through the mire – I hope for both me and you this one isn’t another.

A few of us have just attended the Pride of Ownership in Cornwall Park,. For a while then it looked like Jeanette, John and me with two cars between us were going to be the only attendees.  In our own efficient ways Jeanette and I had marked 2/3 of the criteria for both of our cars before anyone else turned up.  Eventually they came.  This was the first event I had attended with our 308 Sport, a vehicle we have owned since January.  A nice afternoon was had by all and it was particularly good to see Graham driving his 504 all the way from the BOP to join us, I was delighted he diverted through Pukekohe and picked up David as well.

That however is in the past, I would like to acknowledge the resignation of Selwyn Johns (and by default Raewyn as well), who has been a past committee member, ran the club shop and for me personally was someone I used as a “yard stick” on gymkhanas. I always felt that if I had beaten Selwyn I had done well; if I hadn’t but been close I had still done well, The other scenario is not worth mentioning!  Raewyn if I remember correctly is the immediate immediate past president (i.e. in the role before both Greg and me) and was also on the committee for many years and with Selwyn ran the Club Shop as well as running her own shop in Mangere Bridge – from which she often let the committee be aware of any NZ Post special with pre-paid envelopes, thus saving the club much in postage. Their contributions to the club over the years have been noted and their presence will be missed. Another I have been aware of resigning is Thomas Phillip, a member who was new to the club but made an impressive and immediate impact with his blue 404, the result of which was evident at the prize giving, Hopefully Thomas will have a change in circumstances and we will see him rejoin in the future.

Next month we would like as many hands on deck as possible to compete in our annual navigation trial. This will not be held on the usual third Sunday of the month but on the 1st Sunday this year – that being the 4th of November.  Don Hadfield has set up a course that will hopefully be challenging, scenic and enjoyable.  Please do come along and support both the club and Don for the effort he has put in. Note this even gains us points towards the Tri-colore Trophy.

Also coming up in Taranaki in November (16th to 18th) is the Anniversary Weekend of the 202, 203 and 504; each model celebrating a significant milestone since their introduction. I have managed to arrange a group discount for us at the motel, details as below, where a few of us will be staying. Why not come and join us there? I will be attending, although unfortunately I don’t have any of the milestone models, but will enjoy seeing some of them there as well as probably a few other strays such as my 505.

Rates being offered are $120 per night for a studio for two nights –One bedroom unit $125 plus $20 per person additional if more than two are going to stay in the same unit.

The motel has both a heated outdoor and indoor pool so bring your togs, I imagine a late night dip might be quite relaxing, or a dip and muscle relaxation if we get in early enough to have a swim before dinner at night.

Please call and make your own bookings – but inform that you are part of the Peugeot Car Club booking to get the discounted rate. The phone number is 06 7588149 and they are on the interweb too should you want to look them up first –

Also get hold of either Don or Sven, or better still both of them who are organising the event;  and

Other events to look forward to include an end of year get together at the Horse and Trap in Eden Terrace – this will coincide with the Pub’s quiz night to which we intend to enter a team or teams if we have the numbers.  John Cooney has informed the committee that it is very well run and you can get a good meal too.  Something I just may have had there in the past.

Next year we will have the following to look forward to:-

Intermarque Concours d’elegance –  Ellerslie Racecourse  – February 10th.

The Auckland Brit and Euro Classic Car Show – Lloyd Elsemore Park – March 3rd  2019.

The Gymkhana with Citroen – Date still to be confirmed – February or March 2019.

An Interclub meeting with Wellington – probably later in March – dates yet to be confirmed.

Well I am going to stop Rambling on here, this edition worked a lot better for me than the original slog attempts at it; hope it has worked for you too!


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