President’s Ramble – September 2018

Like last August, I am going to make this brief. We have had the AGM and nothing changed except that Don and Wynne have both given notice that this will be their last year on the committee.  Nobody has yet volunteered to replace them, so you have a year to get yourself ready for nomination.  As a committee we have to be appointed by the members at the AGM, but there is however nothing stopping the committee appointing you as an acting committee member, if you want to come along and see what we do and get a taste of it prior to the next AGM.  If you think you would or could, your club needs you.  Please contact the secretary to find out when and where the next committee meeting is. being held. We would love to see you.

Coming up soon (October7th) is the annual Pride of Ownership; check the magazine for more details.  We would love some different people to turn up and show their Pride and Joys. It would be good to get another name or two on the trophies rather than the traditional few we already have, and remember should you have an ‘05, you normally only have to turn up to beat me to the trophy. My car was a working car.

The 4th of November sees a rescheduled Navigation Trial on the 1st Sunday of November – not the date previously advertised.  Remember this is the first part of our annual contest with Citroen and counts for point towards the Tricoleur Trophy, please turn up and compete. (You don’t need to drive a Peugeot on it.)  Hopefully we can keep our hands on the Trophy for a 3rd consecutive year.

I look forward to seeing more of you at these events,


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