President’s June Ramble

President’s June Ramble
I am back, having seen parts of Canada, U.S.A., Germany, (airport lounges and out the aircraft window views only of the last two) Scotland, England, Italy, the Vatican City, Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Singapore. However I have come back to a heavy work load and despite the editor’s anticipation that I might fill a couple of magazines worth I simply don’t have the time.

I have read the magazines and must say I have enjoyed the Vice-Presidential rambles and noticed that he finished off the last one suggesting he had more to write so I have given him a heavy hint (read instruction) to carry on – he was doing such a good job. I have also been privy to the immediate past presidents’ overseas rambles (well some of them – not all) along a email grapevine and know that some of his and hers (Shayne I believe has done most of the writing) rambles are to be reprinted in this magazine.

So to get to the point – we very soon have a few important events as a club coming up. At the time of me typing this as a club, after a quick bit of canvassing opinions were are hoping to bend Citroen minds and have a midday get together for Bastille Day, but of course this is all up in the air, so if you haven’t given Jeanette your email address yet, email her now (as you read this) so that you can be aware of the result of the final negotiations. Apparently there has been little enthusiasm for the proposed Sunday evening in Queen Street, and less still for the option in St Heliers.

Prior to that we have a club night coming up on June 23, it is my belief that it is probable that this night will be primarily a case of my and Greg’s photographs on our recent European Travels, I went to the Peugeot Museum and have many many photos of that as well as other Peugeots spotted on my travels – I concentrated mostly on photographing commercial Peugeots (whether vans or cars making earning their livings) rather than the saloons, but got plenty of them too. HOWEVER, I MAY be tied up with a school parent-teacher evening for part of the time, in which case you will hear/see all about the trip next time.

I would like to say this much, you will read in the Shayne – Greg report that he enjoyed passing a Ferrari and then being passed by another, this was not my Italian experience – I saw zero Ferraris in Italy, In Vancouver, Canada I saw a dealership that had a three storey glass frontage full of Ferraris and I saw one parked on the road in Bruges, Belgium (one my son informs me is 1 of 499 and sold for USD 1.5million). Nor did I see any Lamborghinis in Italy, just saw one in London, England (we heard it first, saw it second) and then had the same experience in Lucerne, Switzerland. When it comes to Italian supercars I did see a few Maseratis in Italy but that was it, other than Fiats, Lancias and Alfa Romeos (none of which were particularly expensive Alfas – the Maseratis were of course expensive – but nothing compared to the other two brands). I did however see a number of Aston Martins and brand new top of the range Jaguars, both of these being relatively common in Rome.

Another major difference I had with Shayne and Greg was the motorways, you can read what he found later in this magazine. I however found them (except in parts of Sicily) to be well maintained, beautiful wide roads with many lanes to drive on. Some of these were toll roads, others weren’t and all were of great standard. You will have to wait till read what I have to say about Sicilian roads, let’s just say they were diverse.

Vice-Presidents’s April Ramble

Brent and family are away enjoying a trip to Europe, so I have agreed to ramble in his place. In addition to having been a member of the Peugeot Club for about 25 years, I have been a member of Auckland Vintage Car Club since 2008, my 1970 404 Saloon being eligible. That gives me the opportunity to enjoy two quite different motoring clubs. So my ramble will traverse recent activities with both.
The Tricolour Trophy grass gymkhana was held in February, a fun event, well attended by Citroen but poorly attended by Peugeot. Why? Grass gymkhanas always were popular in the past; giving sometimes two generations within a family the chance to show their driving skills in a safe, wide open space.
With the Vintage Car Club mid-week tours group in February we visited Lionel Rogers’ unique vintage and modern car collection. We saw and admired 3 Bugattis, a Maserati, 3 Ferraris, a Model A tourer and a Hummer! His “newest” Bugatti is a replica G.P. car; the body & chassis built here in New Zealand, the engine built in the UK by the foremost Bugatti engine maker on the planet. There was a big turnout of club members who enjoyed the Rogers’ warm hospitality. The men much admired his workshop where Lionel has taught himself to use machine tools to build components for restoration.
In March we enjoyed the Interclub weekend with Wellington. A long trip, but very worthwhile; good organisation by PCC Wellington, good events, and we retained the Interclub Cup. We were delighted to welcome Bob and Sue Soper, new members with a beautiful 1995 405 SRI, who competed with enthusiasm in all the events.
Later in March I attended the Hampton Downs race meeting which was called a “French Celebration”. This was organised by the Waitemata VCC, the highlight being the Roycroft Trophy. While the racing was good, especially Formula Junior class and vintage sports cars, the only French racer was Terry Roycroft’s Bugatti Type 35 (Jaguar). I took my 404, Donald Webster took his lovely 172 BC [see following] and Citroen had 2 or 3 2CVs and a Light 15 Traction Avant, so for a French flavour it was disappointing. A friend and I enjoyed the vintage motorbikes demonstrating their abilities e.g. Manx Nortons, Vincents and Triumphs. A Velocette traffic police bike circulated the track behind the racing bikes! Very cool!
In late March, we were invited by the Auckland Art Gallery to display a selection of our vintage Peugeot models for the Alliance Francais French Language weekend. The invitation came from Kim O’Loughlin, a Peugeot driver himself, originally from Victoria Australia. We showed our 404 and Brent’s 505 on the Saturday, and on Sunday the Grant’s 203 and Jim Bailey’s 404. This invitation has made us realise we need to update our database of members’ models currently owned.
At the beginning of April we watched a TV show of Top Gear when Jeremy and James poured scorn on 3 recent models of the Peugeot marque. They singled out 1007, 307 CC, and 407 saloon, and compared them with famous predecessors – 504 Ti, 505, 205 and 405 ranges. I can only agree that Peugeot lost the plot, dropped their standards, and allowed mediocrity to rule when other big marques e.g. Volkswagen Audi group, Toyota, Hyundai and Ford were raising their game strongly. It was a good parody with a serious message, one which “new” CEO Carlos Tavares (ex Renault) has taken on board and will probably wield an axe over a range that may be too big. He has turned the company from a big loss maker into a modest profit maker in a short time. New models like the 508 and 308 have seen a huge improvement.
On the home front, I recently noticed a smell of petrol from under the bonnet of my 306 Cabriolet (it is a 1998 model, so is 16 1/2 years old). I traced a leak to the high pressure side of the fuel delivery system, near the fuel rail. (Injection systems have an inlet HP side and a LP return to the tank side).
A quote for a fuel system kit from the Peugeot dealer was over $400 ex- France, so I bought new injection hose from Repco and brass fittings from an engineering shop and replaced the top sections of hose, and the plastic connector with a brass connector. That has solved the problem. CONCLUSION: If you smell petrol from the engine bay, check rubber (nitrile) hoses. Modern petrol with very corrosive solvents is hard on flexible hoses, and over time can rot them. If in doubt -replace them!
Don Howarth

For Sale

Here is a link to my Trademe auction.
I have put this auction on at a whim. I had a nostalgic trip to Dunedin and saw a 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 at a house I lived in 50 years ago. Trying to decide whether I could give up my beloved Big Red.
I also have a 1992 Peugeot 309 GR Automatic. What a fabulous car. What great stablemates. Had both since 2003. Also Mazda 323 1995 since 2003 and a Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab 1989 since 2009. Not sure what to do.
Surely my 405 is a sleeper- looks same but rare feature of turbo diesel and low kms and red etc and 2 owners.
There a a lot more “ordinary” Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.0 2.3 2.6 etc. The sleeper here is the 190E-16v which is comparable to my sleeper I would suggest.
I would really appreciate you passing this on to your membership to see who would be interested. And would love comments in support of this year and model from other owners who have these.
I have a treasure here in Rotorua and no Club to appreciate it with.
I would so appreciate your contact
Gerard Holden
Rotorua NZ

President’s November Ramble

Let’s start with false rumours. Last month I had suggested that our interclub with Wellington was likely to happen sometime around or immediately after Waitangi Weekend but that has now been ruled out as too busy. The focus is now on for March, current rumour suggests the first half of March.

On the subject of interclub, as you get this you will have hardly any time to read my Ramble before you should grab your car keys and head out for our NAVIGATION TRIAL interclub with ‘that other club’, details are

Sunday November 16, meeting at Howick Beach car park, at 1.15pm, to start at 1.30pm.

Also don’t forget to turn up to the year ending Christmas BBQ club night on November 25, Epsom Community Centre, Gillies Ave.

As for actual rambling – well I have been rather hamstrung, well almost, suffered a knee injury, been on crutches for most of one week and struggling to do many things ever since. Fortunately it hasn’t affected my ability to drive. The leg/knee is most comfortable when either on my back asleep or in a comfortable chair and bent at 90 degrees or at least close to it. My Peugeot wasn’t used for two weeks as I found that although I could drive, it was the most painful of our vehicles to get in and out of. Mandy’s Falcon had wider doors and more space to manoeuvre; even better was my Triton ute, especially as with its raised seat height, I could get myself into it without having to bend and flex my leg in one direction or another. It has been therefore with great pleasure that in the last week I have felt that the leg has improved enough that I have taken to driving my 505 again. It was missed. Nothing quite compares to the 505 for coping with the off road conditions found amongst the speed humps of Epsom streets.

The other things I have been driving have been John’s tractors – helping change some of the fence lines, removing the old posts, lifting them with the power of hydraulics and a good sturdy chain. Unfortunately I also removed one gate post; rather efficiently snapping it off at the base, having forgotten that there was a rather wide blade at the back. Even more unfortunate was the fact it was one fence line that wasn’t to be altered! Hopefully I’ll do better in the Gymkhana.

Out on the roads, I have encountered some impatient drivers turning left from the right lane or vice versa simply because the queues have been shorter. It has happened more than once. In fact I think it has become frequent. It is interesting that it appears to also come from two types of drivers; those driving taxis from the Green Cab company and drivers of Audi S 7s,- and I am sure it hasn’t been the same drivers each time. I’m not really sure what’s going on out there that they seem to think they have rights the rest of us don’t.

That’s it for this month; I truly hope to see you at some of the upcoming events,


Coming Events

January 10 AUTOSPECTACULAR presented by the Far North Vintage Car Club at the Eastern Rugby Football Grounds, East St, TAIPA . 8AM -2PM; $5 ADULT, $2 CHILD

February 1 GALAXY OF CARS – Western Springs Speedway, 10am – 3pm; $12ADULT, $5 CHILD

February 8 Ellerslie Intermarque Concours

February 15 Interclub gymkhana organised by Citroen; Venus TBA

February 24 Club Night – 7.30 Epsom Community Centre
March 6-8 Weekend away with Wellington

March 14-15 Roycroft Trophy Vintage Festival at Hampton Downs racetrack.

President’s September Ramble

Frankly I am disappointed and equally frankly I have little to say this month, so this maybe the shortest ramble yet. Last month I stated “Do not ask what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club.” As far as I can tell only one person has come up with any suggestions on where else we might investigate for new club meeting rooms, though I maybe disproved at the committee meeting that will follow the week after I have written this, what I do know is that I haven’t been contacted by anyone. Just in case this gets someone’s A into G the criteria I suggested was:

• Be within what was once the Auckland City Council area (Gulf Islands excepted!) or alternatively just outside it and very close to the Motorway such as Te Atatu, Northcote, Takapuna or Pakuranga.
• Needs to have seating for 30 minimum and good car parking as part of the facility or be on a road without copious yellow lines or demand for parking.
• Needs to have a television or overhead projector unit that DVDs can be played from.
• A kitchen or kitchenette that has hot water and a sink.

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Cheap Car Insurance

If you have an inexpensive car, chances are you also want some insurance that doesn’t cost the earth.

The first choice is whether you choose comprehensive insurance or third party insurance.

Comprehensive insurance, also commonly called full insurance, will give you cover for your car regardless of who was at fault.
You talk directly to your insurance company when you crash into Joe Blogs.
You talk directly to your insurance company when Joe Blogs crashes into your car.
You talk directly to your insurance company when an annoying vandal smashes the rear quarterlight (one of the hardest windows to replace on a car) to grab the kids schoolbag left on the back seat and steal their lunch.
This doesn’t always go well for you and that is why there is an insurance ombudsman to complain to.

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Free family passes to the V8 Supertourers

In May, through the marvels of modern electronics, I found myself to be the recipient of an email from a real estate agent (which in itself is an all too common event).

However this email was not your standard list of houses for sale, an offer of a free appraisal, a request to sell your house or any other typical  real estate agent fare.

Instead, it was an offer of free tickets to take the kids to see the V8s at Pukekohe. I signed up and took the kids along to experience the speeding cars, noise and rain. We stayed too long for the younger kids and not long enough for the older ones.  But well worth a thank you to Di Wright of LJ Hookers Titirangi.

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For Sale: 1992 Peugeot 405 Turbo Diesel Sedan(Raglan)

This vehicle is located in Raglan, Waikato.


  • 1992
  • Sedan
  • Diesel Turbo
  • No. Plate: WO9708
  • WOF Expired: 10/08/2012
  • Current mileage 283,292km
  • Registration Expired: 03/08/2012 (on hold)
  • Road User Charges paid up to 290,000km
  • Carjam info available here

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Wanted Peugeot 505 Station Wagon

Wanted to  buy: A Peugeot 505 station wagon with a WOF and live registration in Auckland or upper half of the North Island for a good one.


  • Automatic gearbox (although manual would be considered)
  • 5 Seater version (would consider 8 seater version too)
  • Late model,  hopefully 1990/1991
  • light colour
  • WOF and registration
  • In Auckland or upper North Island

Please contact Bill Dobbie, 09 638 9210