President’s Ramble – October 2020

For the first time in many years I didn’t attend the AGM. I had a temperature, headaches etc on the day of the event and given the current medical environment we have, I threw John Cooney in at the deep end to run it.  Despite this endeavour to enable a coup without resistance, I find myself still writing this Ramble so I guess either I am popular or no-one else is stupid enough to take on the role, I like to think the former.

The latest levels also have once again led to a disruption of our lives, with many many events being cancelled or significantly altered.  I for one have never seen such small crowds at the rugby at Eden Park, where we were limited to “pods” of 100 but I suspect I saw none larger than 35, such was either the fear or the complacency about going under such conditions.  Through car club contacts I have seen numerous swap meets, drives and other meetings cancelled when numbers were to surpass 100, but out of Auckland midweek or weekend drives still went on for many car clubs up and down the country, but not Auckland.

We have just had the Pride of Ownership. It was good to see some people that I hadn’t managed to see since before the initial lockdown, and am now looking forward to going away to a football tournament in Taupo. They had all sorts of scenarios awaiting government announcements ranging from “it’s all on”, to “it’s all off” to “if Auckland still has limits of 100 or less it’s on but without Auckland teams who have to travel with their conditions.”  This last Monday it was a welcome relief to be back to Level 1.

Also on will be the tour in Taranaki, now all based around New Plymouth as we are about to lose Nick Watson, ex- committee member and King Country host to a number of events over the last few years.  He is off to be in charge of a rural firefighting area in New South Wales, and will now be based in Bourke. Very much an outback location.  Nick informs me he will be in charge of a rural “area” that is larger than New Zealand and have 10 staff and 4000 Volunteers reporting to him. Huge, but also a huge loss to us.

Sven has been rapidly reworking the rally behind the scenes, call him 027 769 5919 or email him and join in for the tour.

I have literally just got off the phone with him to get a few details to write here and this is what you need to know.

  • Although it is the 404 Anniversary Rally it is open to all Peugeots or even admirers if you are having Peugeot mechanical issues. For instance – expect to see me there in my
  • It officially starts Saturday 24 October but…..
  • It unofficially starts Friday 23 October when Sven will arrange an informal get together the night before for those who are staying and assembling the night before.
  • The Rally proper will begin at 8.30am Saturday morning for an initial briefing and get on the road at 9am. It will head off, largely not using the main State Highways, towards Hawera.
  • The rally will return to New Plymouth on Saturday. If you want to travel on Saturday and join on Sunday and just do one day – that is OK.
  • Saturday night is free but no doubt most of us will go to dinner together.Starting times will be similar on Sunday morning with a drive from New Plymouth deep into the King Country, again returning to New Plymouth.
  • Dinner on Sunday night will be a BBQ hosted by Sven at his house.
  • Monday will be a morning drive with dispersal to your part of the country around midday.

As you can see from the pointers above there is no need to have a 404, but if you do have one do try and bring it, the more of that model the better. Get hold of Sven – and Sven has told me more the merrier. If you can’t do the whole event, turn up for part of it, enjoy part of the Island you may have little touring knowledge of and get there before you get lockdowned out of it! Not to mention enjoying our company.

Please join me and others this Labour Weekend, and let Sven know!


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