President’s Ramble – December 2020

I feel like I had a lot to say, and am in a real rambling of the mind mode…..however the editor has informed she has little space for me, so I am going to write to the point – the main point being we have a number of events early next year – think Gymkhana and Brit Euro, would be great to see you at both – details elsewhere in the magazine.

During my work I had to head into the library at Manukau. I had to look at an historic map, which in the case of Manukau and I suspect other libraries too, means that a number of maps are kept together and you have to go through the lot of them to find the one you want – or get lucky and find it is on top all ready.  As part of that research I came across a map. It had a number of advertisers on it and I found a panelbeater advertising a somewhat “modified 403”.  I dare say that a modern insurance company would just write it off; it wouldn’t make it to the panelbeaters.

Other than wanting to write little so that there is space for the photo of the 403 it is only appropriate to finish with Season Greetings from me, and also them, the committee. We have had a bit of a difficult year and I personally will be glad to see the end of it and am equally grateful that, with an occasional hiccup, our government (including the opposition as well as the coalition partners past and present) and our government agencies, have generally managed to keep our population safe and healthy.  Let’s hope some of these promising vaccines come into fruition and we can get our commerce back on track too, especially for those sectors that have been hit hard. Merry Xmas.






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