President’s Ramble – May 2020

Lockdown has resulted in me being fitter than I have been in a long time, I partook in daily exercise and have done a fair bit of walking and cycling, sometimes twice daily.  However I also reinjured my back during lockdown so am currently a fit wreck! Capable of walking and cycling but can’t sit at a desk for long before it is too painful.

During one of my walks I spied the 1007 photographed here. They were not sold new in New Zealand so it is a rare Peugeot model to see. This one was parked on the side of the road with for sale notices on it – contact me if you want the details.  Of note is the unusual door design. They have rails so slide back rather than open wide in the conventional fashion.

As you can imagine it we cannot plan anything much during this time of uncertainty, however, as the 404 reaches its 60th milestone Sven and Nick have been planning a long weekend event away in the Taranaki/ King Country.  Further details to come in next month’s magazine. What you need to know now is:

General outline of the rally

  • Friday night, October 23rd – arrive New Plymouth
  • Saturday, October 24th – south of New Plymouth, 2nd night in New Plymouth
  • Sunday, October 25th – north of New Plymouth, finishing in Taumarunui
  • Monday, October 26th -around Taumarunui, Close rally

Contact Sven, Nick or both of them –  or

Alternatively, if you are without email –  ph 027 769 5919 or 021 247 7340

Happy bubbling.


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