President’s Ramble – March 2020

I am a little unsure what to say. The turn-out at the gymkhana was poor for Citroen and I would say mediocre for us. (The Hardie family an exception to that – many many of them competing and attending as well as providing a couple of guests. I hope Marissa enjoyed her birthday outing). However those that competed had a fun time on the dry paddocks in the haze of a dust cloud.

For me it was an eye opener. Joshua competed for the first time, driving my car for the first time, driving an automatic for the first time and had the cheek to beat my time in what can only be explained as the speed event. He was only let down by the distance judging event – one that I suspect will become easier as he becomes more experienced, I think both he and Jayden Hardie will need to be watched in the future by us more experienced campaigners.

A special thanks to David Holmes, Dawn Hadfield and Wynne Howarth from our club and Sue Jones with Terry Brown from the other club who all turned up on the day as volunteer Marshalls. These people are “Club Heroes”, competitors are one thing, but it is always so much better for those of us who compete to have these special people to make it easier for us.

I must also thank myself for marshalling the “Ever Decreasing Twists” event while Joshua competed in my car and Jordon Hart for taking my place after he finished so I could compete too.

I haven’t heard from anyone and I am guessing other members of the committee haven’t either, but if you have ideas for a trip in April get in touch with one of us, phone or email one of the committee listed in the front of this magazine. With the lack of feedback we have had so far it maybe that the trip gets pushed back into May or perhaps we will get one organised for April – keep an eye on your email as there may not be time to publish and post in next month’s magazine.

n March 31st the club will enter the trivia night at the Horse and Trap in Eden Terrace.  The event starts at seven. Come join me there from six for a meal first.

Don’t forget to get hold of John Cooney who needs numbers by 20th of March so he can book a table with the right numbers.

Call John on 09 449 2425 or email him –

Our table will likely be booked as “Little Joe” = Peu being French for little and Joe phonetically sounding like the “geot” of Peugeot.

That’s it for this month,


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