President’s Ramble – July 2018

Most Julys the committee is gearing up for the AGM and I am telling you to be there. This July you have more notice, the AGM will be in August. We are being hosted by Armstrong Motor Group at the Peugeot showroom in Greenlane, Sunday 19 August 2018, 4pm. Please put aside this time and come and attend, we look forward to you joining us there.
On the subject of Peugeots I have been enjoying the latest Peugeot SUV advertisements on television. A lot better than some of the competitors. The grapevine is telling me that the 3008 is selling well from Southern Autos and they are receiving great feedback from their new owners.
I recently had a minor repair and got my warrant for the 505 from Auto France, David informs he is looking for a new workshop, rising rents are not working in his favour. Watch their advert in the magazine to find out where he lands, it may even initially be from his house in Clarks Beach. I can tell you the same is happening for the Department of Conservation who are also shifting from their offices in Carlaw Park to the Bledisloe building, apparently not as well set up, but so much more affordable. The staff aren’t looking forward to the shift, but at least our taxpayer money is going to go further. I guess that should be no surprise to those of us who are Aucklanders and have heard so many stories about the residential market; the commercial market has similar drivers as well.
`I am a little unsure what to think about the regional fuel tax, 10 cents for the region to spend, add GST and the government gets another 1.5 cents. It is no wonder they are willing to pass more Regional Fuels taxes in the future. I will certainly be looking to fuel up whenever I am returning home whilst close, but not too close to Auckland. The already relatively cheap prices in Morrinsville will be looking that much better again! The only question is how do I get all of my vehicles there at once! Don’t get me wrong, I believe something needs doing to fight Auckland’s traffic issues, and for someone who is commuting each day having a viable train and bus service is a must, and dedicated cycleways – if used – which I believe they are increasingly so, are good for the health of the nation, both in that the cyclists are getting good healthy exercise and they are kept away from the hazards and costs of battling traffic. However I am not sure that the government should really get a second bite of the cherry pie, why should there be taxes on taxes? This of course is nothing new, GST has applied to all of the past taxes on fuel, road user charges for diesel vehicles and applied to all of the various levies on cigarettes, fire service levies on your insurances, ACC levies on your vehicle registration and goodness know what other products too.
Granted I haven’t complained particularly about them all in the past, just this time it feels like maybe it is a step too far, at least that is my opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining specifically about the current Labour led government, this is an issue that runs through many decades of Governments from both sides of the political spectrum. I’m just thinking that some of these levies and GST attraction perhaps need some rethinking and made exempt, just like bank fees do.
Anyway that’s enough, enjoy your July, see you at Armstrongs in August.

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