President’s Ramble – May 2018

Jeanette has given me limited space this time, and I am glad of it. Work pressures are on and they have me stretched, both for time and across physical locations. I have had jobs on in coastal Bay of Plenty, the Coromandel Peninsula, Long Bay, Inland Bay of Plenty, just over the regional body lines and into the Waikato just south of Waiuku; plus have a couple of jobs on the run in the Domain; just picked one up on Waiheke and work took me on a jaunt to the centre of the universe, Dargaville as well. As a tip if you are travelling Dargaville way, based on the Diesel prices alone it is well worth filling up elsewhere, with the prices being about 13c a litre more expensive than those I am typically paying around Epsom, – and then nearby in the scheme of it, prices were cheaper than Epsom in Maungaturoto. How they can be cheaper there than Dargaville I don’t really understand. I have also found prices are cheaper in Morrinsville, Waharoa, Glenbrook and at the Caltex opposite Pukekohe Golf Course. Heaven forbid do not try to purchase in inner-city Auckland; prices go up again. Albany on the other hand is cheaper and has some competition.

We have one event coming up next month, and then will be waiting on Citroen to organise the Bastille Day Dinner in July. All their latest magazine had was the date – Sunday 15 July. Come along to our own mid-winter pot luck dinner on June 23 – details in the Coming Events chart.

Those of us who email for the club have had a couple bounce back at us, and others of you haven’t provided an email, so if you haven’t seen anything from us lately please provide your details to Jeanette so we can keep you updated.
[Please note it is an underscore]

Also if you are in the market for extending your Peugeot range and numbers, Sven has had a number of his vehicles on the market; look them up on Trademe, search ‘Peugeot’ and then ‘select’ to order them ‘oldest first’, you will see a fine selection of 403, 404s and 505 from him as well as a couple from other vendors, including Sven’s previous Show and Shine winning 404 ute. I know if I had spare garaging and/or the cash I would be buying what can only be the best classic Peugeots in New Zealand.
Brent 

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