President’s Ramble – March 2018

February 2018 did not go as one might plan it, at least not for the Club, cauliflower growers (have you seen their current prices?) nor for those in some very damaged and wet parts of the country. This weather and other events altered our timetable, as well as made those hearty and strong souls that attended the Concours at Ellerslie very wet. As I write the Gymkhana is coming up, but will be over once this is published.

We have still have last month’s postponed club night coming up;

March 20 The first Club night of the year, this will be the first night of us trialling a location where we can eat, drink and natter, come and find out who has done what over the summer. This is being held at Doolan Brothers pub at 3 Robert Street – The quiz starts at 7.30. so aim to get there and form a team just after 7. Looks like I will make this one, love trivia nights so I hope there are a few to join in a team with or against me. Look on their website to see what meals they offer, there is a full menu displayed there.
Personally I have enjoyed the rain after the dry months – don’t ask about my January water bill, the garden survived – well almost, lost one plant to the drought, I think a record success, normally lose 3 or 4. Since the rain it has been all grow, especially the grass. I noticed this when I did a job at Te Kanae on the South Head of the Kaipara mid last month. It is a location I have worked in and around a number of times on and off for the last 20 years now, never seen it so green and lush in February before.

Other than that I have very little else to say, except a second Peugeot has joined our fleet, a 2009 308. I find it incredible that its little 1600 engine puts out 5 horsepower more than my old V6 505, granted with the help of a turbo. And then manages it with such fuel economy, still it’s not a 505 is it!! Don’t expect me to change too quickly too soon. Then again if you have been a Trademe watcher what a delectable bunch of 404s have been advertised recently, my favourite being one with a 505 diesel engine and 5 speed gear box with beautiful leather upholstery added from a 605. Enough to tempt any 505 owner.

Hope to see you at the club night,


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