President’s Ramble – September 2017

OK, this should be another short ramble as I am very busy with other commitments this month, some of them being club related, some work and some just life.
Last month I hinted that we would do an economy run for the upcoming Fish and Chip run to Kaiaua. Well it has been confirmed, though not to the traditional high standards that some of you (at least one of you anyway – Don Hadfield) once partook in during competitive trials. Instead we are going to have you record your fuel consumption and the distance you travelled, then compare your results to what the manufacturer has as their figures. Therefore if for some reason your Peugeot isn’t available on the day it doesn’t matter. Any vehicle will do as long as we can track down the manufacturers figures.
So what you will need to do is;
1) fill up somewhere in the vicinity of the starting point
2) Record your mileage prior to leaving the petrol station
3) Meet us at

Sous Chef
84 Spartan Road

4) Be there at 10am, 29 October 2017
5) Find the organiser – it will be either Greg Winkley or myself and provide
a) Your Name
b) Year, make and model of vehicle including any sub-model info such as whether it is a GR, GTI or whatever.
6) Follow the instructions to Kaiaua for what we hope is an early lunch to beat the crowds that are often there
7) Have a good time and then head to home by your own route
8) Fill up from near your own home, record the litres required for filling up and the distance travelled
9) Get hold of the organiser by email or phone so they may collate your results
Everyone will drive a different distance, the idea behind it that you don’t have to travel those extra miles home via a common point, return at your leisure and make a day of it, return home to the Waikato without having to come back to Auckland, go home to Howick without having to meet in Papakura on the way home or whatever is applicable. Hopefully you will have driven smoothly and given Don Hadfield a run for his money.
Other than that, Happy Birthday to John Grant who has just turned 20 for the 4th time (plus another 2 again for luck)!
And a brief report back to you the members, the committee, especially me, have been busy on getting ideas for new member recruitment underway as you told us to do at the AGM. Too early to report results, but so far very promising, hold tight to next month,

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