President’s Ramble – March 2017

We are getting to the business end of the month, Gymkhana with Citroen and events with Wellington. Again I will just leave in from other months bits relevant to those events; other events in the meantime have come and gone.
In November we triumphed over the other club, earning more points and for once maybe we have got a hand on the Tricolour Trophy. To ensure that we as a Club do earn it we need to turn up to the Gymkhana that Citroen will be hosting. In my years as President we haven’t won the tricolour yet, something I would dearly like to change. This year Citroen have asked to defer the Gymkhana till March instead of the traditional February. Therefore I would ask that all of you, and I do mean all of you, please try and make yourself available for
March 19 2017.
Put it in your calendar now!
As well as having the competitive juices flowing against that other Club, I also have them flowing against our fellow Peugeot brethren. Behind the scenes the committee, Nick Watson and I have been arranging when to host the biennial interclub get together with Wellington Peugeot. It has been decided through various processes of elimination to hold it in Taumarunui, starting Friday 24 March, though this will be mostly a travel day and get together for a social dinner (at the RSA), through to March 26. So apply for your annual leave if you have to, and come join us down the main trunk line. Those dates being
March 24 to 26, 2017.
Behind the committees back Nick and I have been scheming about events, it looks probable (but all subject to change) that there will be a show and shine, a navigation trial and a gymkhana. I have already checked, Jessica wants to come away with me (but is now having second thoughts) and defend our Navigation title. I dare not disappoint. So far under my presidency we have not lost the interclub trophy to Wellington, but it hasn’t always been that way. Do come along and join.
In the meantime almost unusually I have few thoughts and inspiration on how to carry this Ramble on. All I can come up with is that a small group of us turned up to the club night, I was stuffed after a 12 hour day out in the sun and recall little of it except a couple of cups of coffee, and that Martin bought some lovely mince tarts that we shared. Other than that I recollect that we arranged ourselves in a circle and talked a lot, what about I have no idea, except that John Cooney’s lovely 406 coupe had been reversed into by a rather large Mazda 4wd in Milford; but I am sure that wasn’t everything, maybe someone else will write about it in this magazine edition.
Yesterday (as I write this) Don and I, with the assistance of Wynne displayed cars at the British and European Car Show, and were also joined by Peter Hagglund for quite some time – though not with a car. Peter showed us some very interesting photos of his 206 engine, in various states of being pulled apart. They were great photos of an engine that has been pulled apart and cleaned very well indeed. It was a wonderful day, it is a car show with a unique feel too it. There is no entry fee and people can wander between the cars, trees, a few food stands at their leisure. I have never previously seen so many Jaguars, MGs, Vauxhalls or Mercedes in one location before. Other makes were also well represented, and some (Lancia and Fiat for example) were notable for their absence. Some were present but had fewer than our three on display! We had a number of people look at our cars, I noticed they seemed to be attracted to my 505 V6 and Don’s 406 Coupe more so than the red 306 Cabriolet. An occasional person stopped and made enquiries with us, others were content with calling over family members and saying I used to have one of those (rather than engaging with us). On the way home I was stopped at lights next to an MGA driver that had also attended, and we had a brief natter. He commented that he thought it was a better show than the Ellerslie Concours, and although I didn’t go this year, I think when I look back at the ones I have been to, I might just agree with him.
It was also good to catch up with some of our friends at Citroen, they had I’m guessing about a dozen vehicles present. It would be good if we could have more next year. This was truly a relaxed gentle and pleasing day out. Those of you who know me, know my car is far from perfect, though I did spend a few hours cleaning it the day before – the car just about fell apart at the shock of it – and mine wasn’t the only car that was less than pristine. In fact I suspect that the other club’s President – Kevin – bought along the car with the most aftermarket customization of any there (dents), and that to me is what it should be all about. The good, the bad and the ugly, because that is what being a car club member is all about. You enjoy your car and the make. It doesn’t matter if it is better than show room; modified to be a racer or a show pony; as it left the factory, or full of dents, rips and peeling paint; is used as a work vehicle forever carting trailers or whatever. It is the fact that it goes, you love it for whatever the purpose you have it for and you participate in the club community.
That is what it is all about to me, and this event, in my opinion at least, allows you to enjoy and display that vehicle with all of its shiny bits and blemishes alike (mine certainly has both).
I truly hope to see you at the remaining events this month. Remember to get hold of Nick, as he has managed to get accommodation discounts for us.


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