President’s Ramble – November 2014

Let’s start with false rumours. Last month I had suggested that our interclub with Wellington was likely to happen sometime around or immediately after Waitangi Weekend but that has now been ruled out as too busy. The focus is now on for March, current rumour suggests the first half of March.

On the subject of interclub, as you get this you will have hardly any time to read my Ramble before you should grab your car keys and head out for our NAVIGATION TRIAL interclub with ‘that other club’, details are

Sunday November 16, meeting at Howick Beach car park, at 1.15pm, to start at 1.30pm.

Also don’t forget to turn up to the year ending Christmas BBQ club night on November 25, Epsom Community Centre, Gillies Ave.

As for actual rambling – well I have been rather hamstrung, well almost, suffered a knee injury, been on crutches for most of one week and struggling to do many things ever since. Fortunately it hasn’t affected my ability to drive. The leg/knee is most comfortable when either on my back asleep or in a comfortable chair and bent at 90 degrees or at least close to it. My Peugeot wasn’t used for two weeks as I found that although I could drive, it was the most painful of our vehicles to get in and out of. Mandy’s Falcon had wider doors and more space to manoeuvre; even better was my Triton ute, especially as with its raised seat height, I could get myself into it without having to bend and flex my leg in one direction or another. It has been therefore with great pleasure that in the last week I have felt that the leg has improved enough that I have taken to driving my 505 again. It was missed. Nothing quite compares to the 505 for coping with the off road conditions found amongst the speed humps of Epsom streets.

The other things I have been driving have been John’s tractors – helping change some of the fence lines, removing the old posts, lifting them with the power of hydraulics and a good sturdy chain. Unfortunately I also removed one gate post; rather efficiently snapping it off at the base, having forgotten that there was a rather wide blade at the back. Even more unfortunate was the fact it was one fence line that wasn’t to be altered! Hopefully I’ll do better in the Gymkhana.

Out on the roads, I have encountered some impatient drivers turning left from the right lane or vice versa simply because the queues have been shorter. It has happened more than once. In fact I think it has become frequent. It is interesting that it appears to also come from two types of drivers; those driving taxis from the Green Cab company and drivers of Audi S 7s,- and I am sure it hasn’t been the same drivers each time. I’m not really sure what’s going on out there that they seem to think they have rights the rest of us don’t.

That’s it for this month; I truly hope to see you at some of the upcoming events,


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