President’s Ramble – September 2014

Frankly I am disappointed and equally frankly I have little to say this month, so this maybe the shortest ramble yet. Last month I stated “Do not ask what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club.” As far as I can tell only one person has come up with any suggestions on where else we might investigate for new club meeting rooms, though I maybe disproved at the committee meeting that will follow the week after I have written this, what I do know is that I haven’t been contacted by anyone. Just in case this gets someone’s A into G the criteria I suggested was:

• Be within what was once the Auckland City Council area (Gulf Islands excepted!) or alternatively just outside it and very close to the Motorway such as Te Atatu, Northcote, Takapuna or Pakuranga.
• Needs to have seating for 30 minimum and good car parking as part of the facility or be on a road without copious yellow lines or demand for parking.
• Needs to have a television or overhead projector unit that DVDs can be played from.
• A kitchen or kitchenette that has hot water and a sink.

It was also decided that we should most likely have the club nights become club late morning or maybe afternoons, probably a Saturday from next year. So please if you are aware of any Scout/Guide halls, community facilities, car club rooms or any other club rooms in your area can you please investigate and report your findings back to the committee, numbers and emails are published in the magazine. We may even retain our meetings at the Epsom Community Centre – we just have to investigate other possibilities. So that is what you can do for your club.

So if you haven’t done anything please have a look around, further to that maybe even ignore an element of the geographic criteria, somewhere else beyond my suggested limits within Auckland may do as well, especially if the price and facilities were right.

The next thing I have to say is that I get feedback from time to time that people actually enjoy my rambles and that others still enjoy the magazine as a whole. Well the word has come through that if you don’t want this to be the last, rejoin the club now and pay your annual fees.

Coming up next month, show and shine, start polishing now, you have time to get three or four layers on before the judging, might even hide some blemishes.

Other than that I don’t have a lot more to say, I have been to Hamilton, lovely place on a warm winters day, got shouted to a slightly bohemian style café, good coffee, can’t remember its name so can’t tell you more than it was on Victoria Street, a little outside the CBD, getting close to Pak’n’Save (where the shooting occurred the day before), I would go again, but equally I would try somewhere else.

Fish and Chips at Kaiaua was not of the standard I remembered – it was far better and I remembered a high standard to begin with – gladly go there again.

From Facebook I know that Nathan’s 404 ute is slowly and gradually getting back together and that he blows up his concrete truck’s roller mechanisms when visiting Auckland. Another (former?) member of the club has blown up his engine racing it; engine transplant on the way. It had a 405 mi 16 engine in his 205, will soon have a 307 2 litre in it assuming I remember correctly.

I haven’t been back to Caffeine and Classics on the North Shore but my Mustang owning friend has and he’s been posting photos, they look good and well attended, I think I am busy this month, will aim to re-attend in October. I thought about telling you a couple of more Ray Avery car stories from his book, but the book is now with the Father’n’law, and I don’t want to misquote.

I think that is it,

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