Pride of Ownership 2011 Oct 16

The Pride of Ownership competition is an annual competition to score your Peugeot on how well looked after it is with respect to its use.  So not only is the presentation of your car taken into account, but also its age and mileage! Each age grouping (eg -04, -05, -06 etc) are judged together, so bring along your 309 to gain an unfair advantage!

When: Sunday 16th October 2011, 1pm to 4pm

Where: At the rear of the Three Kings Carpark, accessed from Grahame Breed Drive, off Mt Eden Road. (see it on google maps)

Come along and get involved! Display your car, you can compete with your committee members if your car is immaculate, or if it looks like you have just been paddock bashing in it! And the judging will be done by you (in a team with others). And make sure you vote for the People’s Choice award too!


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    Sunday 16th October turned out to be a lovely sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing – ideal you would have thought to get outside in the sunshine. Well, those of us who did, thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. What a pity so many of you missed out!

    Present; Brent Druskovich, John & Jeanette Grant, Kevin & Jenna Hardie and family, Don & Wynne Howarth, Peter Vuletich.

    Now if Peter can manage to drive all the way down from Whangarei to compete, what stopped all you locals from coming?

    Judging was done in the usual manner with specific sections of all cars assessed by the same judge to give consistency. As the result chart shows, there were three of the ‘06’ series competing, but otherwise, each entrant ‘won its class’ and was presented with a Peugeot pen as an on the spot memento.
    This included Jayden Hardie who entered his Peugeot 20S bike
    Kevin Hardie was also presented with a Peugeot mug as a consolation prize for coming last overall – AND having his driver’s licence mislaid by a junior family member.

    203C John Grant 103 1 1st “03”
    604 Peter Vuletich 98.25 2 1st “04”
    505 Brent Druskovich 66.75 5 1st “05”
    306C Don Howarth 93.25 3 1st “06”
    306 XRdt Jeanette Grant 84.75 4 2nd “06”
    306DHi Kevin Hardie 63.75 6 3rd “06”
    20S Jayden Hardie 23.5 7 1st bike

    Scoring was out of 120 points – except for Jayden’s bike which was out of 46.
    In honour of the Rugby World Cup, an extra point was given to every car flying a NZ or French flag. Every car had to display a current WoF, Rego and have a spare tyre or panda with jack and wheelbrace, and the driver had to present a current driver’s licence.