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Peugeot 406 coupe for sale

I have owned this 1999 coupe for 15 years and would love to see it go to another 406 coupe enthusiast, so I am placing the details on the club website prior to mainstream advertising. It is New Zealand new and was briefly owned by someone prior to me. It has a custom transmission axle.

Colour: Red

Interior: Black leather

Kilometres: 111,615

Transmission: Automatic

Audio: Blaupunkt 10 stack CD changer and radio

WOF: Current WOF expires May 2015. New WOF prior to sale.

Price: Expressions of interest circa $4,200 welcome

As I am advertising this for sale on the Peugeot Car Club website, I have not included the details of what makes a 406 coupe so special or the configuration details as these are probably well known by your members. However if you require any further details, please contact me. The car is in Auckland.

Sue Graham

Ads are free of charge.-Last updated Nov 2011.

Our own Club Shop has stocks of club Tshirts in various sizes and colours for $25, Peugeot pens and car stickers are available at $1.00 each. There are only three jackets left. Don Howarth now holds the stock so contact him on 534 7265.


    • Jeanette
    • 22/11/2011

    Opportunity of a lifetime
    $10,000 worth of Peugeot parts – new and used – from 203 onwards! Included are brochures and manuals. This is an all or nothing offer from Dennis Lowe who is now very definitely retired.
    Contact him on 09 267 6461 to ask for more details and/or accept this unique offer.

    • Jeanette
    • 22/11/2011

    We have an ex elderly estate partly restored 1969 404 for sale. It needs painting and reassembly. All in good mechanical order and rust removed.
    Neil Ward

    • Jeanette
    • 22/11/2011

    505SW in any condition; Martin Burton 09 6300 620 or 022 624 7800 or

    • davidcar
    • 06/07/2012

    I offer a to order import service for Peugeot parts, mostly from 405 to present day. I’ve been doing this from 1994 for Citroen spares, having been shocked at the high prices charged by the franchise networks. I can obtain genuine or aftermarket from UK or European sources at a saving of, generally 40 to 60% of franchise cost. In one case recently it was 20% of franchise cost.

    You tell me what you need, I give you a quote and, if you accept, I deliver in about 10-21 days. In a number of cases this can be quicker than the franchise network who, in some instances, are unlikely to be holding stock.

    Contact David Carruthers on 021905409 or, preferably

    • Jeanette
    • 04/09/2012

    Richard Joughin has the following Peugeots for sale – and possibly a 309 and a 307 as well.
    Ph (09) 445 0520 or 0274 764 113

    1999 406 V6 Auto
    The blue 1999 406 V6 auto has done 122,000km; has been maintained by Greg Kent Autos; runs beautifully; has Pirelli tyres, towbar, mudflaps.
    $6000 ono

    1993 405SR manual
    The white 1993 405SR manual, has done approx 200,000km and is still a great car; well maintained but starting to need some TLC.
    $1500 ono.

    • Jeanette
    • 18/10/2014

    FOR SALE 1991 405 SRI.
    I’ve had the car (currently done 65,000 miles) since purchasing it new from European City in Dunedin in 1991. The car has literally only ever been driven by me and, as you can see, not that frequently, and it has always been garaged and serviced by the agents in either Dunedin or in Hamilton – where I currently live.

    It’s gunmetal metallic, on its second set of Michelins, has only ever had one person ride in its back seat in its life. After paying $47,000 for it in 1991 and being offered approximately half that amount when I went to trade it 12 months later, I’ve kept it as a kind of reminder of my folly. The car is unmarked and in perfect condition – apart from 2-3 stone chips on the front bumper and the bonnet. I could trade the car in for what I could get for it, or give it away to some young relation, but I think it’s probably a bit unique and certainly too good for a fate like that. If any club member is interested I have sent photographs to Jeanette for the magazine.

    Rod Baxter (

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