J-B Weld Company has been in business since 1969.

They make a range of specialty epoxy putty products created and formulated for strong adhesive repairs, inluding J-B Weld, the World’s Strongest Cold Weld!

Don’t Scrap It – J-B It!

J-B Weld products made in the USA and are imported into New Zealand by Stewart Dodson  of Altered Performance in Auckland.

To order products, send an email to Stewart at jbweld AT peugeotclub.org DOT nz

Product list and prices:

  •  J-B Weld $15
  • J-B Kwik $15 (two 28.5 gram tubes)
  • J-B Stik $
  •  Water Weld $
  •  Industro Weld $
  •  Marine Weld $
  •  Mirror Weld $
  • Perm-o-seal $
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