Track Day 30 Oct 2011

We are organising another track day at Hampton Downs Race Way for Sunday 30th October 2011 [Update, we are now back to our original date of 30th October after considering a change to a date in September].

This will be our 3rd outing as a group, and have endured both dry and wet conditions over the past two meets and to date no incidents.

We are endeavouring firstly to secure the whole day as a private day through Playday (fully managed by them, Ambo on site as per standard run Playdays, driver briefing etc) . We require at least 40 entries at $200 to cover the cost through Playday, if we don’t get the required numbers then we can secure individual groups (4 groups max)  15 cars max in one group, at a cost of $135 each, or a second group etc.  So for one group you will end up with 6 session spread over the day of around 15min duration, and if it’s a dry day well your car could welcome the rest, and you have time to watch the other 3 groups have their fun.

But ideally we would like to secure the whole day, so we need some commitment to make this happen, We require a deposit of $100 paid up front so we can book the track, and the balance of $100 on the day. The deposit will be sent to Playday to secure the day, if we don’t get at least 35, then we will secure some groups at a balance of $35 on the day.
We will be securing a trackside  apartment on the Saturday night at $ 50 per person so let me know if you require this as well, would encourage you to take  this up, early start on the Sunday morning, better to be fresh!!  For those of who would like to arrive midday Saturday, you can watch the cars competing in the Drift Day in the afternoon or maybe enter this one as well!

You will require clean cotton overalls and racing helmet with closed footwear, you can hire helmets at the track and 98 fuel is also available.
To secure the whole day Sunday 30th October, please reply back by July 15th, acknowledging your deposit, what car you will be using, if you require helmet and if you would like a room.

For those club members and friends who don’t want to enter feel free to come along anyway, and at midday we will try an organise a few laps around track behind track pace car for you, no overtaking, so let me know Cheers Peter

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